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5 Tips For Faster Fat Loss

There are lots of different variables associated with a successful men’s weight loss plan. However, we’ve condensed the list into 5 of the most important and key points, which contribute to sustainable weight loss for guys. Give them a go, you’ll be surprised how effective they are – read on!


When most people diet, they immediately drop their calorie consumption considerably to create a caloric deficit great enough to elicit weight loss. Don’t do this! It not only puts the body in a starvation mode (where in which the body’s metabolism is slowed down dramatically) but also breaks down precious muscle tissue. Muscle is precious because it is active tissue; it’s your engine, which burns off the calories you eat. So instead of depriving yourself of food, ensure you are eating 4-6 smaller meals each day, consisting of lean protein, low glycaemic carbohydrates and lots of vegetables. This will not only keep your metabolism ticking over throughout the day but also guard you from muscle catabolism.

If you are short of time (as many of us are) there are protein supplements available to help bridge these meal gaps throughout the day. Whey protein powder is a fantastic option; this is a fast-acting protein with a high absorption rate and a great option for a meal replacement during weight loss. 

Train with variation and intensity 

As mentioned, muscle is essential for increasing your body’s metabolic rate and staying lean. To put this into perspective, a pound of muscle burns 6.5 calories per hour whereas a pound of fat burns just 1.2. 

With this in mind it should become a focus to put on some lean muscle and structure your training around this. In order to do this you must break the muscle down so it can repair and grow in a process called hypertrophy. Selecting a weight which allows you to perform 4-5 sets and 8-12 reps per exercise will facilitate this adaptation and accompanied with a solid nutrition programme, will ensure you of lean muscle growth.

Training larger muscle groups – such as legs and back – will yield even greater fat loss results. Due to the large structure of these muscles, there is an increased demand for oxygen so that the muscles can create energy. In order for this to happen, the heart has to work exceptionally hard, this increase in heart rate for a prolonged period ensures energy expenditure is high and metabolism is increased throughout the day. 

Chill out! 

When the body is stressed your adrenal cortex secretes a hormone called cortisol. This primitive response to stress is a real draw back for weight loss. Not only does it dramatically increase appetite but also breaks down muscle tissue. The issue is when your appetite gets too high; you will often reach for foods that are high in both calories and sugars. If you think about your eating patterns during a stressful period in your life, chances are you can relate to this!

In order to reduce this cortisol secretion you need to take some time to relax, this includes sleep and rest. There are certain supplements which also significantly reduce this effect - such as the amino acid L-Glutamine - which studies suggests reduces cortisol-induce muscle loss. 

Ditch the simple sugars 

Simple sugars are carbohydrates with a high glycaemic index (GI) such as sweets and soft drinks. These types of foods and drinks rapidly increase your body’s blood sugar levels, however this sugar cannot stay in the blood as it can cause serious health issues to the blood vessels, which can subsequently lead to heart attacks and strokes. In order to manage this, the body releases a hormone called insulin from the pancreas. Insulin is a storage hormone and drives this sugar into the cells of the body to make energy, however if energy demand is low and the person is inactive, then this sugar is stored in adipose sites (fat cells). 

Set goals 

If you’re serious about weight loss you must start to set goals and hold yourself accountable for attaining these goals. This may sound really obvious, but often people blunder with natural remedies for weight loss because their idea of what this means is too vague and doesn’t generate the will-power necessary. Think of it as shooting and aiming for a target. If the target isn’t there, how are you going to hit it?! 


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