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A Guide to the Widows Peak Hairstyle

Also described as a ‘cow’s lick’, the Widow's Peak hair style is where the centre of your hairline naturally peaks down slightly on your forehead creating a V shape. The question concerning is; do you cover this up or accentuate it? Styling hair with a Widow’s Peak can be a little challenging if you’re balding this way. We all fall into seven main face shapes and in some cases hairstyles with a natural V can help shape your face a little. 

For most instances it’s recommended to keep the sides and backs short, with a fade and keep texture on the top and front, and if you want to draw attention away from the V, it’s best to style your hair pushed back because this will distract focus away from the central point. The "pulled back" style works great on those with medium length hair, just be sure to use a firm hold wax, pomade or gel.

If you don’t mind having the peak on show and want a simpler style, keep with the shorter back and sides, but wear the front in a ‘military’ style. This means the hair is kept close to the head and flat, perhaps parted to one side. So you will see your natural hairline.

Alternatively, if you want to cover up the peak, opt for the fade haircut - where you keep the sides and back short with the front and top more textured. Keep the fringe slightly longer and wear it down covering the forehead, so you’ll be cleverly disguising your natural V shape hairline. It’s just worth noting if you are thinning slightly at the front, wearing your hair in this way can result in the fringe looking thinner than desired. If you’re naturally curly haired and again want to cover your widow’s peak, you can choose a 'messy-shag' style. This is where your hair is predominately the same length (e.g. 2 inches) all over your head, so naturally your hair will fall down at the front. This is easy to style with a light holding beach spray.

Lastly, a Widow’s Peak can also be a sign of male tatter baldness, this is where you begin to thin slighting at the crown of your head. In the case of balding, the best option is to keep your hair short but this will in turn accentuate the peak. A simple 'buzz cut' works for this, especially if you have a natural oval shaped face – as this is believed to be the perfect face shape for this style.

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