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10 Outfit Ideas for Men with Beards

The fact that beards are in is no longer a secret to anyone. In recent years, beards have grown in popularity so much, that almost everyone is wearing them right now. But are there certain outfits that go with the bearded look or can you just wear anything off the rack? Do some styles complement the manly mane better or does any style go, as long as you wear it with confidence? And can you get away with just about any type of combination? Here are some outfit ideas for you that might help answer these questions.

The lumberjack outfit 

It’s probably the style most associated with having a thick, long and luscious beard. It speaks of masculinity and power and it’s very easy to pull off as well. All you need are a pair of washed-out chinos, some leather boots and a classic checkered shirt, as well as the proper attitude, as Maxim explains.

Elegant but casual 

Combining elegance with being casual is not always easy, especially when you have a beard, which is often associated with neither, but more with ruggedness. However, one way of pulling it off is by combining a pair of slim jeans with a plain t-shirt - add a camel woolen long coat, Ray Bans and a brown leather retro messenger bag to complete. 

Against the mainstream 

Having a beard has been associated lately with being a hipster and being a hipster means going against the mainstream, which is exactly what you can do with an outfit. Opt for unusual colours, add a backpack and trim your beard really short.

All in for denim 

One way of showing off just how cool having a beard really is, is by draping yourself in denim. Head to toe, from your shirt to your shoes, let denim rule. A few needed accessories here will be a hat and some black bracelets, to interrupt the blue pattern created by the jeans sequence. Converse are a must as well.

Tailored suits 

One might argue that, traditionally, the suit and tie combination goes perfectly with a fresh and clean shave. But not necessarily. Beards can actually complement a beautiful suit, especially one that takes a spin on the classics. Here’s Tom Ford’s spring 2016 suit collection in Vogue that comes to prove our point. 


Taking a cue from street fashion is also a good idea for bearded men. The straight and raw cuts complement perfectly the fierceness of the style men with beards usually have. You will need jeans or some fashionable sweatpants, a loose t-shirt and a hoodie. Don’t forget about the baseball cap. It’s the one element that stems from hip-hop fashion and represents it best. 

Punk Rock chic 

Another music genre you can get your inspiration from is punk rock. It’s all about the attitude and going against the system. Here is a beautiful outfit example, made up of simple black jeans, a simple white t-shirt and black boots. What really makes this outfit punk rock are the artistic long hair, the jewellery and the wallet chain.

Get back on the horse 

Another amazing outfit idea for bearded men that also stems from the ruggedness, which comes with an awesome beard, is the cowboy style. Of course, not leather pants and cowboy boots, but more like Robert Downey Jr. on the cover of GQ. Black shirt, tattered maroon leather jacket, skinny jeans and faux silver necklaces are the way to style up for this trend. Of course, the cowboy hat is a must too.

Colourful beards 

One of the latest trends in the male grooming world is the one which requires men to actually dye their beards in kooky colours. If you’re a fan of that and don’t really know what the proper attire is for sporting a colourful beard, you can try a very classic, yet hip look, with a white shirt, bow tie, black suit, and finished with a backpack and leather jacket with fur trimmings. 

Daring colours 

Having a beard ultimately proves how much of a man’s man you truly are. Which is why clashing it against a colourful t-shirt is such a good idea. A great way of proving you’re secure on your masculinity, this outfit requires a crazy coloured or printed t-shirt, a denim shirt or a cardigan on top and very little accessories.

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