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The History of G.H Bass Monogram

Realising that the footwear market was failing workers and outdoorsmen, George Henry Bass - a humble leather tannery employee founded G.H Bass in 1876 Wilton, Maine with a simple mission – “to create the best possible shoe for the purpose it is intended”. Bass created a line of boots and shoes in the most durable of leathers and outsoles built on the platform of values that the brand still upholds today.

An accolade for timeless, high-quality footwear, a chance encounter between a USA based Esquire editor and the Norwegian farming loafer saw GH Bass relied upon again to produce timeless style. Playfully dubbed the “Weejun” in homage to its Norwegian conception, an agreement was struck with G.H Bass to produce loafers in style of the traditional Norwegian farming loafer in 1936 - A shoe that would carve the G.H Bass brand name into modern history. Michael Jackson, JFK, Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn among the movers and shakers of the 20th century that adorned G.H Bass into their wardrobes and into their way of life.

By 1939, G.H Bass had proven their excellence in footwear craftsmanship and created a monogram – more familiarly known as a logo [G.B.H] in honour of the finest footwear craftsmen and materials for there newly launched formal footwear collection. A collection of brogues, derby shoes, boots and loafers formed the premium line for G.H Bass and were constructed in the finest leathers, rubbers and suede.

By the 1970’s the term “Monogram” was upholding the premium range of the brand doubling as a name for the collection. In 2015 the Monogram range received a new lease of life and made its debut in the European winter collection.

In sturdy hi-shine leather and soft, pliable Pull Up leather and Goodyear Welted on leather or studded Goodyear outsoles, the Monogram range is set to expand into various leathers and finishes including suede and Nubuck offering a premium formal collection to accompany the ‘any occasion’ aesthetic of the popular Bass Weejuns and mainline ranges.

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