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The Definitive Do’s and Don’ts of Men’s Swimwear

The transition from the colder months to the warmer months can be a confusing time. When you've spent the past 7 months wrapped up in a parka, jeans and double socks it can be difficult to imagine yourself ever wearing swimwear again but the time is now upon us! The sun has got his proverbial hat on and he doesn't want to see a set of pale chicken-like legs emerging out from a pair of ill- fitting budgie smugglers. In that spirit we've broken down some of the biggest beachwear faux pas and the things you should be doing instead. So listen up and get yourself pool-ready just in time for the summer.

DON'T: Think that board shorts are a suitable option

Are you a child who's mum buys their summer wardrobe from the Next catalogue 10 years ago? - Are you an Australian surfer from the early 00's? - Are you trying to repel any potential romantic partners? If you answered no to all of the above then don't even think about giving those baggy 3/4 lengths any airtime on your holiday. You deserve better!

DO: Go for something a little shorter 

A good rule of thumb to follow is that the hem of your swim shorts should fall a few inches above the knee. Or, if you haven't been skipping leg day and are feeling brave then sometimes slightly shorter styles can work for you too.

DON'T: Wear a Speedo 

Unless you're in a country that makes banana hammocks mandatory for 'hygiene reasons' then throw them out, or better yet, don't buy them in the first place. Some things are better left to the imagination.

DO: Experiment With pastel colours 

Leave the earthy tones behind with the colder weather. Swimwear for men in paler colours will help to accent your tan (when you eventually get one).

DON'T: Go for over-the-top brightly coloured patterns 

We know people have already donned their shades, but that's not a green light for you to pick out a pair of shorts that would ordinarily blind them.

DO: Try out some slightly more subtle patterns 

We don't want to put you off jazzy trunks altogether, but perhaps instead of going for fluorescent pink polka dots you might want to try some dark florals, which are bang on trend at the moment.

DON'T: Buy something that doesn't suit your shape 

We can't all be built like Greek gods but that doesn't mean you can't look good on the beach. If your swimming shorts are cutting off the circulation to your thighs then think about sizing up. On the flipside, if you're at the skinnier end of the spectrum then avoid baggy shorts at all costs and opt for something more slim-fitted and flattering.

DO: Buy at least two different styles 

If you're having a day at the beach chances are you're going to want to take some cash and possibly your phone. Therefore, buy shorts accordingly. We're not saying go full Fred Durst cargo style but do make sure to have some pockets. Conversely if you're just lounging around the pool then you can exchange pocket space for a sleeker design.

So there you have it. Follow those simple guidelines and you can’t go far wrong this summer. Got something you’d like to add? Please feel free to leave a comment below.

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