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Introducing Meraki Skincare

Meraki is a lifestyle and skincare brand which has developed unique skin products designed in Denmark. As a business they strive to create products inspired by Scandinavian aesthetics containing high quality natural ingredients and materials, which nourishes the skin whilst being gentle and active on a variety of skin types. Meraki products are based on simple and clean principals whereby they do not contain parabens or colorants, whilst also being naturally perfumed. As well as offering a vegan skincare range they believe in fresh products that are both organic and kind to the skin.

The Meraki pure oil is 100% organic containing sesame, organ and almond oil which can be used on the face and body as massage oil. Alternatively, it is also useful for hair and scalp use. You can add a few drops to your conditioner, or if you suffer with dry scalp, rub a few drops into your scalp and leave over night to soak up all moisture. It can also be used for shaving - apply a little to your beard, leave it in for a while and shave as you normally would. This leaves the skin soft and fully moisturised.

Meraki’s hands range include a combination of hand soap, which again is completely organic using sunflower and rosemary ingredients, and an organic sunflower and camomile hand cream available in three fragrances to finish off. Both work together to soften and nourish hands and keep the skin protected. In their extensive range of products they also take care of the body with a range of fragranced body washes full of antioxidants to add moisture back into the skin and regenerate the body’s skin cells.

Meraki shampoo cares for three different hair types; extra volume, damaged hair and normal to dry hair. With added ingredients to effectively rebuild, moisturise and strengthen the hair it will be thanking you later. Lastly, face care - paraben and colorant free products leave the skin healthy and radiant by nourishing the skin adding moisture and tightening it. Again, all products are organic and clean with basic oils and vitamins that the skin craves for vitality.

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