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Ultimate Guide to Men’s Face Masks

None of us are blessed with perfect skin and I guarantee many currently reading this would like to change something given the chance. Our faces are the part of our bodies that others see every day. Naturally, we want people to like what they're looking at, that's why we use different types of facemasks. They can help detox our faces. Social psychology studies shows that appearance does matter; to friends, colleagues and potential romantic partners - we sub-consciously create first impressions. So in order for others to get the best perception of us we need to first take care of our skin. Skin plays a big factor to both men and women in our confidence. Whether our skin is dry, oily or you simply want to give it some TLC, we need to give it the correct care. For achieving a natural balance you ideally want to be using face masks at least once per week. Dependent on the type you’re using, here’s a helpful run down.

For Clearer Skin  

For blocked pores and blackheads you need a mask with bentonite because it works well to get rid of any impurities. Anthony All-Natural deep pore cleansing clay is good for use on normal to oily skin, containing Vitamins A, C and E - it will even out skin tones while unclogging pores.

For Hydration 

If your skin is dehydrated it forms fine lines and wrinkles faster, so you need a mask to bring back that lost moisture as well as anti-oxidants for any damage to the skin. This gel formula by Urth Skin Solutions gives skin a quick fix for hydration and soothes any dry areas. Whilst providing moisture, the antioxidants from seaweed and white tea will help combat any damaged skin.

For Oily Skin 

Anyone with oily skin knows that this means you’re then prone to breakouts, so you want to look for a face mask which contains clay as this will draw out any dirt whilst clearing out the pores. This clay mask from Evolution uses glycol and salicylic acids to exfoliate the dead skin away. It always reduces the appearance of acne scars, sun spots and aging spots. Since it combats many skin factors this product is a mask that we could all benefit from.

For Exfoliation 

A mud mask is what you want if you want a deep exfoliation. This mask by Kyoku helps get rid of blackheads and reduces pores while the mud removes the oil. Containing deep sea minerals from Japan’s coastline they increase circulation of the blood and oxygen levels to bring skin cells back whilst reducing pore sizes and removing any unwanted blackheads.

For Use Overnight 

You’d really only need to use an overnight mask if you want to restore the moisture in your skin whilst keeping it clear and fresh. Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Hydrating Masque replenishes the skin’s water reserve for healthier skin. You just need to apply a generous amount and leave for 10 minutes. Then just before going to bed wipe away any excess with a tissue and leave a thin layer. You’ll wake up with your skin feeling fresh and hydrated.

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