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Introducing the EyeFitU App

Get inspired and forget about fashion sizing problems. Discover how to bring the garments you love from the latest runway shows to your front door with the new smart fashion app, EyeFitU. Whether you love clothes shopping or if you’re too busy to to keep up with the latest trends, online shopping is something we all enjoy and find useful from time to time. During your lunch break, sitting on your sofa while watching TV or on the train on your way to work, there is always a moment to take inspiration and shop your style.

Online shopping is both fun and exciting, but at the same time it can be tricky to find exactly what you need. Due to limitation of being able to try on garments, men risk buying something that doesn’t fit well and, for this reason, a lot of people don’t trust online clothes shopping and don’t want the disappointment or the hassle of having to return garments.

Joe Ottaway & David Gandy
Joe Ottaway & David Gandy

Here at MenswearStyle we’ve recently tried out a fashtech solution that will totally change the way you shop for clothes. EyeFitU is a smart shopper’s app and an online platform that opens up the world of fashion that you can confidently shop knowing that the clothes you buy will fit. Created by fashion and technology experts, EyeFitU has partnered with more than 45 online stores and features hundreds of brands such as Matchesfashion, Ted Baker, Mr.Porter, Asos, Warehouse, Thomas Pink, Puma and River Island. EyeFitU works with these affiliated brands across all over the world to match user profiles and measurements with the brands individual size charts, empowering shoppers to find the right fit. The app is smart and it continues to learn from billions of data points, matching clothes not only by measurements, but ultimately to typical body shapes and style preferences too.

Key Features 

The app can also be used for offline shopping. Because of its size tracker, a user can simply check the app when they are in-store to know what size they are - saving time in the changing room. EyeFitU also solves the problem of missing out on sales or new collections. The app serves up the latest sale or new collection items in your size as soon as they become available online. You can also discover your favourite brands and create your own private store that displays latest arrivals and sale items in your size, every day. The app is your fashion diary saving your personal preferences and items. A multiple profiles functionality lets users create a profile not just for themselves but also for loved ones and friends, helping people to build wishlists making fashion gifting much easier.

Joe Ottaway, celebrity stylist and ambassador of EyeFitU, discusses more on the frustration of sizing in an interview video below. Download the app, get inspired and forget about sizing problems. Online shopping has never been so easy. EyeFitU is available on iOS and Android.

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