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9 Wardrobe Staples Every Man Should Own

There are a few basics that every guy needs to have squared away in his wardrobe, not least since they're the building blocks of those very styles that distinguish your identity. Make sure you've got the foundations in place, and you'll find that the rest falls into line effortlessly – and as we all know, making it look effortless is very much the secret of true style.

Sunglasses that suit your face

The shape of your face has a pretty big impact on how your sunglasses look. Luckily, once you know the tricks of the trade, it's a pretty instinctive process. The more defined your jaw, the rounder your frames should be. Likewise, if you've got rounder features, straighter frames with harder edges will work to balance out your look.


A coat for all seasons

There's a massive variety of coat styles to choose from, so much so that honing in on exactly what works for you can prove more hassle than it's worth. Simplify the process and get one coat that's your go-to outerwear, and know you can always buy more specific pieces later down the line. This camel coat from Tu at Sainsbury’s is a good shout if you're unsure how to move forward and it’ll slot right into your existing wardrobe, finding its home amongst pretty much any colour palette. 

A tailored suit

Whether you're a London stockbroker or the stereotypical starving artist, one thing unites all men of substance - and that's a suit that's fitted and tailored exactly to them. Rich greys or dulcet blacks make for a timeless look that never withers or fades. Worn for weddings, funerals or powerful meetings, it's all about that first impression.


The classic blazer

Ah, the dreaded 'smart-casual' party. Nobody's ever actually drawn the line at when casual morphs into smart. What we do know however is that a blazer thrown over a pair of jeans seems to tick all the right boxes. It could be a classic navy blue number, or one of the logo-covered ones you see them rocking in Japanese and Korean fashion. In fact, a good quality blazer will work for just about everything.

Solid boots

Whether you're pounding the pavement or out in the sticks, a solid pair of boots will keep you safe and stylish whatever the weather. Go for the classic lace-up style in a timeless black or rich, earthy brown to give a timeless finish to any outfit.


The bag for all seasons

We don’t mean that frayed favourite tote bag we all break out when we have to bundle things together and dash out of the door. We're talking a rich leather or tasteful bag that's got the perfect mix of pockets, zips and compartments. Invest in this one, and make it last.

The roll neck 

An icy grey, lustrous black or deep maroon turtleneck might sound like a 1970s staple, but make no mistake. Team it with the blazer we talked about earlier and a pair of skinny jeans and you're onto a winner that makes your silhouette stand out.


Classic wristwatch style

A wristwatch has become a classic and almost distinguished little touch that defines your style as timeless. What’s more, it demonstrates that you're not tied down to our modern realm of screens and notifications. Don't overdo the bling factor though, or you'll overshadow everything else you've got going on. 

Black and white trainers

Finally, black and white sneakers are always a safe option. They've become something you can combine with your downtempo style staples and dress up for occasions demanding some smart-casual flair. They've lasted decades as a go-to for a reason, so go make sure you've got a pair.

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