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5 Ways to Remaster Aviator Sunglasses

The classic aviator is a summer wardrobe staple, in fact, this style of eyewear is pretty adaptable in every season. The classic aviator has been a well-loved sunglasses style from their early conception in the 1930s and they work well with most face shapes. But, as we all know too well, it is easy to get bored of reworn wardrobe items, so we’ve compiled a simple guide of five ways to remaster your much-loved aviator sunglasses this summer.

1. Coloured Lenses 

Clear coloured lenses have become a popular eyewear trend, with everyone from Gucci and Prada, to Louis Vuitton and Topman sporting the look on the runways. The best thing about this trend is that you don’t need to buy a new pair of aviators to rock the coloured lenses. Simply get the lenses changed at a local optician. It’s a quick and easy changeover; it’s much cheaper than buying a new pair, and it certainly adds a new facet to your look. The pale grey ombré variation was popular on the SS17 Prada runway, while bloggers and street style icons have opted for pale yellow and orange hues of the lenses. When you’re done with the coloured lenses simply swap them back, and voila, your remastered aviators are returned to their former glory.

2. Dress Them Up  

Instead of pairing your aviators with casual leather or a pilot’s jacket, switch it up and wear them with a shirt and blazer. This look works best with a slightly more casual blazer jacket. For summer try a light-coloured linen jacket. For autumn/winter try navy or patterned grey wool jackets for a slightly preppier variation of the look. 

3. Reflective Lenses 

Another key trend for SS17, reflective lenses are no longer exclusive to the slopes. Try a light grey reflective lens for a casual weekend look, or experiment with vibrant blues and oranges for more of a holiday vibe. This look works best by colour-matching in your outfit, so if you’re going for a coloured reflective lens opt for similar hues in a patterned tee or shirt.

4. Coiffed Hair and Aviators 

Take your cue from Mad Men’s Don Draper and pair your aviators with perfectly coiffed hair. Slick your hair backwards with a little pomade or wax to give your aviators a new lease of life, creating a look that is a little more polished than the traditionally cool aviator vibe. This look works particularly well with a suit or a slightly more casual shirt and blazer combo, but make sure to steer clear of overly styled hair and aviators with leather and jeans as this can look a little Danny Zuko-esque. For a more casual look you can style your coiffed hair with a light coloured shirt and trousers to channel the looks sported on the SS17 Hermes runway.

5. Plastic Rimmed Aviator  

This variation of the aviator puts a modern twist on the classic sunglasses and a lot of designers have opted for this style in their SS17 collections. Tom Ford, Gucci, and Persol all have different variations of the style from light tortoise shell frames, to sleek black and navy lenses. The best thing about this remastered version of the aviator is that it can be dressed up or down without looking out of place, it’s also very versatile between the seasons.

Orla Lavery

Orla is a London-based fashion, arts and culture journalist, with a personal and professional habit in menswear. Having worked in the industry for over 10 years, she now specialises in the fashion business space, consulting to a number of brands on their business strategy and optimising for sustainable, long-term growth.

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