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Protest Sportswear AW17 Collection

The Autumn/Winter 2017 collection at Protest delivers once again. A collection that combines innovation, style, performance, movement, and versatility. They bring style that's interchangeable with snow and street, and continue their focus on high performance technical snow-wear that's on-trend, accessible, and in demand. Protest understand its customer, brand, and supply. They predict their desires, always expanding and guaranteeing a consistent quality and lifestyle.

This season’s theme is boldly summed up as Carnival Royale. They imagine a time gone by that never was. It forms those concepts into an artistic expression, an aesthetic that is vibrant, rough and luxurious, and at the same time, crafted and professional. They combine the natural with innovation, along with a dash of celebration and indulgence.


People are interested and willing to push their boundaries, expand their horizons, and explore the outer limits of their sensibilities. Protest is inspired by the past, its history, and its foundation, while maintaining a strong vision towards the future. They’ve searched and found a theme that embodies tradition, luxury, elegance, along with radicalism, innovation, and of course, fun. They call it Carnival Royale. It is a little bit of steampunk, a little bit retro-future, and whole lot of Protest. They are talking the old, the new, and mashing it together. Classic concepts are disrupted with a dash of the absurd, demanding a closer look. Dip-dye jackets, fancy quilting, copper, accents, lurex, textile structures, mixed fabrics, and chevron patterns, are just a few of the elements that come together in this new collection.

Men’s Snow 

Protest has staked its claim through delivering consistent high performance, technical, and trendy snow-wear. Their main focus will always be the apparel that helps you to get there. When developing a new collection they consider their inspiration source, the trends, and how to continue to represent what is tough, cool, and robust all at once. With those considerations in mind they bring you eclectic, powerful, and inspired snow wear including high performance two-in-one shell jackets and crossover style plaid wool jackets with 10K protection, which express their street to the slopes philosophy. The new collection features structured textiles, combination shells, tailored fits, and treated denim fabrics. The PVRE series now includes the Calvin for men, an adaptation of the bestselling women's Giggile. Protest recognised and responded to the high market demand for an equivalent option for men. The colour groups consist of blues as well as subdued green and rusty orange. Burgundy and blue adds a sporty feel to a street ready look. Finally, it also features a black and red group, with blue and asphalt.

Men’s Street 

Streetwear for men carefully incorporates the Carnival Royale aesthetic as well as bolstering their commitment to athletics, joy, and activity. The streetwear lineup includes mixed material sweaters, unique all-over prints, acid washes, and stripes. The colour groups include blues together with lime, with a refreshing burgundy for an athletic street feeling. Reflecting the steampunk vibe it also incorporates rust orange together with vibrant greens. Protest recognise that a strong street style shouldn’t detract from performance, which is why they’ve developed wool-like, canvas-sleeved coats with 2k resistance that also boast a designed and stylish look. Snow-wear should be versatile and with that philosophy as a driving force they have an expansive variety of technical fleeces that also function as outdoor and street styles including the wool-like Sparrow, the mixed structure and padded Climbing, and the sleek and mixed structured Rollin. It’s the Moss hoodie, however, that might be the most fascinating new choice in our collection. The Moss features a mix of both soft-shell like material and standard sweatshirt fabric, representing Protest's mission to combine classic and innovative elements.

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