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Men’s Hairstyle Trends for 2018

While the past couple of years has seen many experimental styles in men’s hair, men are increasingly becoming more open with their locks. With a plethora of great barbers and men’s grooming products within arm’s reach today, maintaining a great hairstyle isn’t the chore it was once seen as. Here are our top trends to look out for in 2018.

Short V Length 

MenswearStyle talked with Adam of leading UK barbershop, Barberology, to find out his current views; ‘Educating men has been the biggest part of their experience and, as a result we have seen our customers indulge into a wider range of styles that they may not have been familiar with before,’ states Adam. Where men favoured the short cuts, increasingly more are growing their mane and instead asking their stylist for a ‘just stepped off the yacht look’, similar to the likes of David Beckham and Brad Pitt. On the contrary, gentlemen are remaining conservative with a 0-5 low fade resembling Tom Hardy. Longer hairstyles naturally require more work and care including shampoo, conditioning, drying and styling. To keep your shampoo routine as minimal as possible and to maintain healthy long hair, we recommend New Wash by Hairstory. Founded by Bumble and Bumble’s Michael Gordon; the hair genius wants to change the way in which we wash our hair. Containing no sodium lauryl sulfate (and other products we cannot pronounce) New Wash keeps the hair revitalised, moisturised and clean between washes. It’s not about whats in his products but rather whats not in it. Due to its gentle consistency and loaded with healthy ingredients, it’s the only product you’ll need, so you don’t pack your conditioner or hair masks when travelling.

Bleach Blonde 

Men dying their hair blonde is often seen as controversial. Lucky Blue, Zayn Malik and Justin Bieber have all given it a go but if you still have questions swimming around your mind such as ‘how would I look with blonde hair?’ and ‘Do I need to change the way I dress?’ Put in some consideration before taking the plunge and if you know you want a statement look this coming year, going plantinum, ash blonde or copper blonde are all good to go. Just remember, don’t go cheap on your colourist, give your hair a prep by protecting it with coconut oil before bleaching and go easy on styling products after treatment to keep the colour and moisture. To maintain a platinum shine, stick to purple toned shampoo and leave it to sit for five minutes before rinsing. 


This boyband look is set to make a modern comeback going into 2018. Working well on square or rectangular faces for a softer, round finish. Ask your barber or stylist to add layers for extra texture and shape. Styling this 90s cut is relatively straight forward - give your hair a blast with a hair dryer after washing. Using a paddle brush blow dry it forward, sweep it back once it’s dry and add a touch of hair spray to hold it in place. If you're a professional you can pick these up from Ellisons. Now, where are your other band members?

Casual Quiff 

Commonly the most favoured of men’s hairstyles, the quiff, consistently sticks around whatever the weather, season or trend. Going into 2018, hairstyles are set to be relaxed and loose, much less dramatic from the structured pompadour we have seen over the last few seasons. A quiff works well on thicker hair in order to create a nonchalant wave, ask your stylist to take the weight out of your hair for a manageable loose style. Spritz some sea salt spray in before drying your hair and apply a small amount of pomade and brush through with your hands from roots to ends to hold into place.

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