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The Rise of the Bed in a Box

Fancy lying on a mattress made from camel fibre, horsetail hair, or perhaps your preference is more for luxury angora wool? Then again, maybe you’d rather have a night time kip on a mattress (or ‘Sleep System’) that’s so technologically advanced it was based on space research. We’re referring; of course, to the memory foam mattress and our new podcast sponsor, Leesa, have sent some of the MenswearStyle team their made in the UK offering which is meticulously engineered with three premium foam layers.

Springing into action 

The foam prevents pressure points for sleepers by making sure their body weight is spread evenly. Foam mattresses, in fact, mould to the contours of the body. Incidentally they’re also a dream for those suffering from asthma because they don’t harbour mites unlike mattresses made from natural fibres. Experts recommend using one with a slated bed base for best results.

Yes, we’ve come a long way from the stiff orthopaedic mattress - the DIY version being to insert a couple of planks of wood between the bed base and mattress, the flouncy 1960s water beds and the minimalist futon of the Forties. Today’s Big Boys in the mattress field are brands such as Leesa. And it’s millennials who are buying their products. So, what do these have that the boring old mattresses of old don’t? Well, many of the owners of these trendy new mattress companies selling snooze havens are young entrepreneurs themselves so are – handily - their own ideal customer persona.

These companies are also amazingly digital savvy. They know how to get the attention of the young mattress-buying crowd who’ve just moved into a new home and who can’t fail to notice that stylish ad on the London underground that looks more like a fashion launch. But then, that’s not to say that there isn’t substance to the message. There’s also convenience – these mattresses come in a small box so there’s no having to manoeuvre it around small door frames and up spiral stairs – something that is increasingly important for creatives who live in big cities. And you don’t have to go and waste a day bouncing on mattresses in your local bed showroom since these can all be bought online with 100-day trial-free periods. And there’s no hassle with returns since the company will come and pick it up.


The Leesa mattress comes with its own patented ‘cooling Avena foam.’ Its single 5cm thick memory foam layer is designed to relieve pressure points and perfectly contour the body while the 15cm thick base layer is for strength, comfort and suppleness. “My king size mattress that Leesa were so kind to send me is a little slice of heaven. In fact, I was at a friend’s house and I mentioned that I was road testing this mattress and she took me upstairs to her room and showed me her bed and it turns out she has a Leesa mattress too, so the word is out on these guys. And then her husband came home so I jumped out of the window instinctively because who would have believed that story?” – Peter Brooker.

Leesa also have a great social impact programme; they donate one mattress to charitable organisations for every ten sold, aiming to help combat homelessness and human trafficking, and to date they have donated over 24,000 mattresses. They also plant a tree for every mattress sold through the Arbour Day Foundation, and have committed to planting 1 million trees by 2025 - great work guys! 

So, how happy are you in your sleep? And how much are you prepared to get a better one? Do you get 6-8 hours like the majority of our Twitter fans? Our readers can get £80 off your very own Leesa mattress right here to start improving the quality of your sleep.

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