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How to Prepare for a Hair Transplant

If you are experiencing a mass hair loss and other methods usually employed for this condition have failed to provide a suitable result, one of the most relevant options is to have a hair transplant procedure, which can be completed in Turkey, one of the world’s most competitive markets for this industry. The hair transplant surgery guarantees very good results and, in order to increase the success of the procedure, the patient should respect several things prior to starting the surgery.

1. Avoid specific medication 

If you have other medical conditions that require a certain medication program, it is highly recommended to avoid taking the respective medicaments before the hair transplant procedure. This includes blood thinners as well as the usage of beta-blockers. As each patient is different, it is advisable speak about this to specialists such as those at the Hair-Transplant-Turkey.org clinic, who can help with advise on this matter in thorough and expert detail.

2. Avoid vitamines B and E  

Although vitamins are highly recommended in general, before performing hair transplant surgery, it is necessary to avoid certain vitamins – such as vitamin B and E (and multivitamins) - as they can increase the incidence of bleeding during the operation. It is recommended you stop your vitamin intake at least a week prior to the surgery, but it is important to know that you can restart your usual program three days after the procedure was completed. 

3. Avoid alcoholic drinks 

A hair transplant patient is also required to avoid alcoholic drinks. The patient should stop the intake of alcoholic drinks of any type at least three days prior to the surgery.  

4. Avoid smoking  

Smoking in general is considered a bad habit, but prior to the hair transplant procedure, the patient should stop smoking. This is recommended by doctors as this habit can affect the constriction of blood vessels.

5. Massage your scalp 

With a month before the surgery, the patient should constantly massage his scalp (10-30 minutes per day), as this will soften the skin and increase the blood flow in that particular area. 

6. Perform specific medical tests 

For those patients who are above 45 years old, the doctor could recommend you to perform a ECG and a blood test before the operation as an extra precaution. 

7. Do not cut your hair 

Prior to the surgery, patients shouldn’t have a hair cut, as the donor areas should be left to grow as much as possible. 

For more details concerning any other aspects that can increase the success of this procedure, as well as on the hair transplant costs, speak to a specialist doctor who can offer tailored advice.

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