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In Conversation with Rolf Studer of Oris Watches

We recently sat down with Rolf Studer, CEO of Oris Watches for our recent podcast show to highlight what the Swiss Watch manufacturers are currently doing for Movember 2018. Our host Peter Brooker speaks to Rolf about about Baselworld and the current state of the mechanical watch industry.

How is Oris involved in Movember this year? 

“The story of Movember is impressive. It’s about men’s health and we both know we should lead a healthier lifestyle. We know it, but we don’t do it. Movember has brought a positivity to this theme in a fun constructive way. This is something we’re happy to support and is something we’ve been doing for 2 years now, and we’re very happy to be a partner.”

Movember 2018
Movember 2018

How are you doing things differently this year? 

“We don’t just want to pay money to the organisation, but we want to get the leverage through our Oris community. We want people to go out and spread the message and become Movember ambassadors themselves and raise awareness of the topic amongst their friends. We think it is very congruent of what the Oris brand stands for. It is a fact that men die 6 years earlier than women.” 

How can people get involved in the Movember campaign? 

“People can of course buy the watch. It is a beautiful limited-edition big crown. But that’s just one part of it. We want people to become part of the Movember movement, and to join us and spread the word. Get active and motivate your friends to change their lives, be active and look after themselves.”

Oris Movember Edition 2018
Oris Movember Edition 2018

Can you tell me about this year’s watch? 

“This year, the Oris Movember edition watch is a big crown pointer date wheareas last year it was a divers 65, but there are the same design codes that we used last year such as the black dial, golden elements and the moustache on the strap. It has a different look and I think it is a gorgeous watch. It took about a year to get the watch right.” 

Do you think the switch to mechanical watches is because smart watches have lost their appeal? 

“No, I don’t think so. I think a smart watch is a great thing. I think the actual danger to our industry is if people don’t wear something on their wrist at all. If someone starts of with an electronic watch, at some point he will want a mechanical watch. It is an emotional abject in these times that are digitised to such an extreme level. We need objects that we can connect with and all a mechanical watch needs to do is make you smile, it such give you pleasure. It will say with you and at some point, it will be with your kids. I wear watches that my father wore when I was just 6 years old.”

Oris Movember Edition 2018
Oris Movember Edition 2018

This is a shortened edit of episode 34 of the MenswearStyle Podcast with Rolf Studer of timepiece brand oris.ch. You can listen to the full version below or subscribe in iTunes directly.


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