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The Key Ingredients of a Men’s Winter Fragrance

Winter might be here, but that’s no excuse to ditch the fragrances. While summer may be the right time for light, fruity scents that evoke an air of adventure, freedom and fun, winter aromas should offer warming comfort, spicy, smoky sensuality and just a hint of sunnier times to come. We all tend to wrap up a bit more in the winter, so our chosen scent should have slightly more depth and warmth to it than the lighter citrus and floral tones of summer. That said, there is a wide choice of fragrances out there to choose from this winter season. Start off by working out which group of aromas appeals to you most and take it from there.

Sweet and Comforting 

Just like your first steaming coffee of the day, the comfort of wearing a sweet-smelling fragrance can more than make up for the rapidly dropping temperatures outside. Choose a sweet scent, such as tonka bean, jasmine or vanilla to bring back memories of childhood, running back indoors from a snowball fight to be greeted by a mug of hot chocolate topped with cream and a warm fire to defrost your frozen fingers.

Warm and Woody 

A confident man can send out a strong message that emphasises his capabilities with a reassuring woody scent this winter. Leather, anise or tobacco bring out a masculine vibe, while the woody scents of cedar, cypress, sandalwood or juniper suggest a person in tune with nature and fully confident of his place in the world. Plus, these kinds of scents are reminiscent of robust walks in the woods and other delights to be anticipated with the arrival of spring.


Earthy and Exotic 

Christmas isn’t so long ago that the aromas of frankincense and myrrh can be easily forgotten. A man wearing earthier fragrances containing these scents can inspire feelings of adventure, excitement and celebration, as well as mystery and a sense of spirituality. All essentials of the recent festive season. Other earthy scents offer a more exotic vibe, such as patchouli, ginger and vetiver – all full of rich, herbal musky tones. Pure, other-worldly excitement!

Smoky and Snug 

Finally, there are not many aromas more welcoming in cold weather than the smoke from a warming fire. Smoky scents sit well with woollen scarves, heavy overcoats with a light smattering of frost that slowly melts away in front of the fire. Choose from bergamot, with its heady mix of sweet and spice combining to create a warm, smoky scent. Bergamot comes from the rind of a certain orange predominantly grown in Southern Italy – the same rind also gives Earl Grey tea its distinct smoky taste. Amber and musk also provide a pleasing heaviness that works well during winter months, and are often used as base notes in a men’s fragrance intended to suggest gravitas. Perfect for when you need to be taken seriously at the start of a new year.

Whatever your choice of fragrance is this winter, make sure you pick yourself out a winning perfume. If you are unsure which scent suits your personality, why not try and find out what some of your own heroes like to wear? Seek out the Legacy of a Legend for example and use it to boost your own confidence, style and taste. After all, confidence attracts confidence; you may find your perfume becomes your strongest selling point this season.

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