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How to Shop the Menswear Sales (and how not)

It used to be a well-known fact that you got great bargains twice a year: in the summer sale and the Boxing Day sale. As we advance through 2019 at lightning speed the truth is there are clothing reductions everywhere, at all times. Be it online or on the high-street, retailers attempt to make their outfits more attractive to you with bold coloured banners and stickers. So, when a bargain catches your eye how can you be sure you're actually getting a good deal?

Most importantly, do you need the item or do you want it? For example, if you've been looking to purchase that perfect jacket for weeks and you see one marked down to half price you can be certain it's worth a look. But, if you happen to notice it and you've not been thinking about buying clothes, treat your potential purchase with more caution.

Due to the decline in high-street shopping (thanks to cheap online retailers), physical stores have upped their marketing game. Sometimes sale items are limited to one garment or size within a range, yet the sale sign is above the whole stand. Always check the label attached to the item. If you are in a store your best bet is to find the 'clearance' section, as these are end of the line items and are usually the cheapest and not mixed in with regular stock. The extra time it takes to look through the racks is worth it.

Shopping online can also have its pitfalls, it’s easy not pay attention to what you are purchasing when you are using a phone or tablet. Make sure that if you see a good deal you focus your attention on the website and not any other activity you're currently engaged in. Let's be honest, we've all made an 'accidental' purchase while binging our favourite show on Netflix late at night. Read the small print; especially if an online discount coupon has been applied, or if you have used a third-party link to reach the website.

Bobbies Paris L'élégant shoes
Bobbies Paris L'élégant shoes

One great place to get designer menswear at outstanding prices is the KhakiSurfer.com 365 sale rail which offers the very best of luxury men’s lifestyle, sportswear and designer labels. Just because it’s last season’s colour or style, doesn’t mean it isn’t perfect for you. They stock brands such as Eton, Hugo Boss, Paul & Shark, Paul Smith, Gant, Armani, Ralph Lauren, Scotch & Soda, Diesel & La Martina. Right now you can bag a pair of Bobbies Paris L'élégant shoes in red for £49.99 and Sartoria Tramarossa Michelangelo jeans in navy for £94.99.

Sartoria Tramarossa Michelangelo jeans
Sartoria Tramarossa Michelangelo jeans

So, shop with a plan in mind, don't get distracted by tempting offers, and if that £5 Ted Baker shirt looks too good to be true... it probably is.

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