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Gear to Stay Visible When Running at Night

Night-time runs (6pm onwards) are the most popular. Especially in the summer when the heat is lowering, but the sun is still shining through. But what to do after the sun starts setting around 4:30pm in winter? To stay safe in the night, the essential rule is to have all the proper gear that is specifically made for outdoor running. 

Stay visible 

The best way to stay visible on your night-time runs is to wear reflective gear. The reflective garments will shine when in contact with another light source, thus making you visible to drivers. There is plenty of reflective clothing you can get such as reflective vests, shirts, braces, or even reflective trainers. For more info, check out cool running shoes here.

Reflective vests cover a significant area of your body, which will make you instantly visible as soon as the light hits. And the best thing is that you can be seen from all angles. Most reflective vests come in a neon yellow colour with a few silver stripes across. They are designed to allow full-range motion, and that is why they are prevalent among runners. Armbands, ankle bands, and wristbands are also very popular. Even though they are small, they are mighty. You will be very visible when a distant vehicle flashes the light over you. Another great way to be seen when running in the dark is to get a light. alternatively, attach a small flashlight to your wrist or leg, and it will do the work. The great thing about these is that they are weather-resistant, so they will not stop working under any condition.

Do not wear dark colours  

You may be a big fan of black running gear, but when running at night, dark colours will make you blend in with the environment, which makes you practically invisible to drivers. Although flashy colours are not trendy or aesthetically pleasing, they are a safety necessity. 


Know your route  

Knowing exactly where even the tiniest of rock or icy staircase is on your running route lowers your chances of being injured. If you have memorised all the potential dangers, it will help you to stay calm and relaxed in your runs. It would be best to pick a well-lit area for your night-time exercise. It does not have to be a 10-mile route; you can always go in laps until you reach your goal distance.

Do not bring your headphones 

Since running at night means you cannot rely on your vision as much as you can during daylight, your second most important sense is your hearing. You will always hear the car before you see it, so you will be able to move or react much faster.


Slow down 

Yes, you love running fast, but at night, it becomes hard to stay injury-free if you're at a near sprint. Slowing down gives you extra time to avoid potential risks such as ice, trash or pedestrians. You will not see rocks and tree roots as clearly as during the day, so running at a slower pace is a must.

Carry your phone, but don’t rely on it 

Having a phone with you may make you feel much safer when running at night. In case of injury, everyone is just a call away. You can also quickly look up your location, and you'll have a reserve flashlight at hand. But if you are running in nature, do keep in mind that not all places have cell service, so making a call can be tricky. Also, make sure that it is always fully-charged before embarking on your night-time jog. 


Bring a friend 

There is a reason why a lot of animals stick together. They can quickly help each other in case of an emergency. Having a running buddy raises your sense of safety and makes the runs much less stressful than running alone. Even your four-legged pet can help you to feel more confident, plus they are much more easily convinced. If you decide to run by yourself, let everyone know where you are going and where you plan to finish your run. This also applies if you are run a countryside trail during the day.

Although risky, running at night can be more convenient in the summer when it is too hot and in the winter when we're at work all day. But remember that you should always keep in mind that when it comes to night running, safety is more important than fitness.


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