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Discover Mystic Man Beard Oil & Beard Balm

This past week our resident bearded MenswearStyle team member, Chad, has been trailing the Mystic Man beard oil to see what sets it apart from the many others on the market today. The boom in men donning heavy beards started about half a decade ago and has resulted in the launch of all types of beard care products to market, from shampoos to specialist brushes. When the Mystic Man beard oil first arrived at our office, we quickly noticed how well it is bottled and packaged. The bottle design is of high quality and overall, it looks like a luxury product for the $19.99 price tag. The dropper mechanism enables easy application, so you can effectively use the correct amount at ease. The scent of the oil is natural which is certainly better than a scented beard oil full of unnatural chemicals which can quickly aggravate skin and lead to dandruff.

Another way Mystic Man beard oil differentiates itself from the busy crowd is through its use of the finest 100% USDA approved organic ingredients. The rich, organic oils blend perfectly with sedr extract, a Mediterranean ingredient used for centuries, to condition and protect hair, and to stimulate growth. The brand’s Founder Justin Mashouf was inspired to start this brand because he didn't see any personal care brands or beard products that reflected his values, commenting "Our grooming and self-care rituals are something we repeat every day of our lives and I wanted to introduce a product that reflected the type intentionality and purpose I try to live my own life with. That's why we use sedr, which is a herb used by many of our greatest teachers of past generations."

Unlike other beard oils that only work on longer beards, this product works perfectly on every beard length – from a little stubble, all the way to a full-length mane. Their product works to transform a beard from coarse, rough hair, to smooth and touchable, resulting in a beard that is easier to trim and shape. The blend of organic essential oils will relieve itching and revitalise the way your skin and beard look and feel. Interestingly, and because of the natural ingredients, it can also be used to help minimise acne, and comfort sunburn or dry flaky skin.

The unique use of sedr mentioned above within their beard oil can also help to stimulate growth too. Sedr is a natural remedy used in ancient Mediterranean traditions, and derived from Ziziphus spina-christi, an evergreen tree native to northern and tropical Africa, Southern and Western Asia. The natural power of Sedr has also been used for hundreds of years to cleanse and condition hair, adding thickness and protecting hair from the elements. Since our skin absorbs over 64% of what is placed on it, it’s important to stay away from grooming products full of nasty toxins and chemicals. Justin also aims to improve the world by giving back, stating “Mystic Man is inspired by the ancient mystics, who knew the world was all interconnected. With that philosphy in mind, we strive to make the world a better place, both by how we do business, and by how we give back. We use only ethically sourced and sustainable ingredients in our products, in an effort to ensure the health of our Earth and those who work with its soil. But we also know that our future is dependent on our youth, so Mystic Man is dedicated to giving back a portion of our profits to improving educational opportunities for disenfranchised youth."


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