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Are You Growing a Glorious Lockdown Beard?

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re one of thousands of gents who’ve been met with an unspoken challenge of being in lockdown: unruly hair. With barbers and hairstylists closed, you may be looking for a way to keep your locks under control, or frantically searching for a set of clippers online in the hope you can find a willing housemate to help you get rid of your overgrown tresses. On the other hand, you may be looking to embrace a new look – perhaps to take your stubble from zero to hero and step up your signature style? If you fall into the latter category and need some ideas on how to own this bold, classic look, we’ve got some easy tips and ideas to help you along the way.

Get your best skin sorted  

The secret to a great beard is having a solid foundation. No, we don’t mean makeup - we’re talking about skin. If you don’t already have a skincare routine, this is the first step to take to get your beard growing. If you need a skincare hamper that has all the essentials, this House 99 Face Care kit covers all your bases. Simply follow the basics: cleanse, tone and moisturise. By keeping your skin clean and hydrated, you’ll do away with one of the most frustrating parts of growing out facial hair – the dreaded itch. The reason beards are itchy at first is because of shaving (ironic, isn’t it?). Using a razor cuts the hair at a sharp angle and leaves the root intact, inside the follicle. As the hair grows in, it can scratch the follicle – which causes itchiness. Cleansing helps remove any grease and grime that may be lurking. Using a toner helps your skin absorb more of the good stuff from your moisturiser, which will all eventually add up and help you overcome the worst stages of beard growth itch.

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Keep it tidy 

Even though you’re growing a beard, you’ll still need to do some trimming and brushing for maintenance. Once your hair has grown out a bit, a boar-bristle beard brush is a great way to keep it sleek, shiny and detangled; it also helps keep it clean. For stray hairs growing in odd directions, keep a trimming scissor at hand. You can also keep your shape by trimming your neck and cheek lines and giving yourself a chiselled look. For ingrown hairs, keep a pointed tweezer handy to easily remove them before they become inflamed.

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Hairy Styles 

Beard products – like balms and oils – are more popular than ever. Keep your look luxe once your beard starts growing in by using a nourishing oil, like this Redken Brews beard and skin oil – or if you prefer a lighter product, this Vanilla & Mango Mo Bro’s beard balm has 90+ excellent reviews! Keeping your beard hair hydrated will help it grow out healthier, with less frizz and breakage, and by applying a specialist product to it, you’ll be helping your skin keep pace.

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Comfort is the name of the game 

If being bearded is new to you, remember that it’ll take some getting used to. There will be days you feel like ripping it all off, and other days you find yourself glancing in the mirror admiring your new look. The number one aspect will always be your comfort. If you find you’ve reached a beard length where you’re uncomfortable, don’t be afraid to trim it down to size to a more manageable length. 

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Congrats on taking your look to a new level – who knows – this might become your new signature style. Go on then, be the leader you were born to be.

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