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How To Dress For A Zoom Date

When it comes to dating, first impressions are everything – and first impressions are made very quickly. Research has found that people form their first impression in around seven seconds. But how can you ensure you make a good impression in such a short amount of time? The answer is with a little effort. You can easily charm the pants off your crush when they see you for the first time; all you need to do is put a little thought into your outfit and appearance. However it is worth noting that the current pandemic has transformed the world of dating; now the vast majority of dates take place on Zoom. So, the style rules have changed slightly; shoes are no longer a top priority, and you need to choose an outfit that makes sense to wear at home (as well as on a date). Here are five tips to help you dress for a Zoom date.

Choose a Memorable Colour  

If you want to stand out against the background, we suggest choosing a memorable, muted colour. Don’t go over the top with bright red or yellow, as this might be a bit distracting; instead go for a more subtle colour such as dark green, dark blue, dark purple or mustard. This will make your outfit eye-catching, stylish and unique – and if you want to add a little extra colour, do it with a small accessory such as a watch. You could also choose a colour that you think your date will like. For instance, if you are talking to an American woman who supports the New York Giants, you could wear a blue and white striped shirt to match their team colours. It is the little touches that show her you are invested in the date!

Ditch the Comfies 

Lots of people are doing Zoom dates in their jogging bottoms, but if you really like the woman you are talking to you should avoid doing this. Sure, you might think you’ll be sat down for the whole date – but what if you decide to get a second drink? What if you realise you need to go to the bathroom? Then you will have to stand up, and your date will realise that you made minimal effort. So, put on a nice pair of jeans and chinos for the date, and then get back into your loungewear when the date is over. This is also true if you are dating an American woman. American women may love British men – but not enough to overlook sweatpants on the first date. 

Don’t Forget About Facial Hair  

When it comes to facial hair, the results are mixed. Some women prefer a shaved face, while others prefer a beard – the only thing that is consistent is that the style needs to be well maintained. So, if you have a clean face, shave the day of the day, and if you have a beard, give it a little trim to make sure it looks fresh. Remember, facial attractiveness is even more important than style, and this is a simple way to make sure your face is looking its best.

Consider Adding an Upper Body Accessory 

You can also personalise your outfit by adding a small upper body accessory, such as a watch, a necklace or a pocket square. A watch is the easiest way to add some casual style, but if you are planning a fancy meal, a pocket square could be appropriate. Accessories are a delicate balancing act, so don’t overdo it; let your personality speak for itself. 

Avoid Hats  

Some men love wearing snapbacks and beanie hats, but we suggest ditching the headwear for a first date on Zoom. Your date might think you are trying to hide something, and you don’t want her to spend the whole date wondering what your hairstyle looks like. So embrace your hair (or lack of, if that is the case); it is likely your date will appreciate getting to see your full appearance, and it will also make you seem more confident.

Finding the Right Woman to Impress 

Now you know how to dress for a Zoom date – but what if you don’t have a date set up? If so, you’re not alone; most dating websites have way more male members than female members, so sometimes it can be difficult to get a match. You can significantly boost your chances of finding a woman if you use a dating website with more female members than male, as you won’t have to compete with tens of thousands of other men for a match.  

Date American Women is a dating website with five female users to every male user. The women on the site are hoping to match with British men, so if you are a British guy and you want to be inundated with matches, this is the site for you. Your odds are much higher than on traditional dating websites – even if you don’t have a classic Hugh Grant accent! Membership is also free for British men (although women have to pay £19.99 a month to match with you).

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