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Looking for a Transportation Alternative to Your Car?

Using a car can sometimes be tricky especially if you live in a big city. The problems you can face as a car owner are traffic jams, not being able to find parking, uncareful drivers that could damage your car, and fuel and maintenance costs. Luckily, there are much cheaper, more practical, and safer alternatives you can use to get around town. These options differ depending on where you live, but you should know that wherever you are stationed, you have more than one to choose from. Here are some of the best and most practical ways to transport yourself without a car.


A very fast, engine-powered alternative to cars is a motorcycle. Although some might argue that it is way more dangerous to ride in comparison to automobiles, you don't need to go top speeds. Also, you can modify your bike to make it safer by adding certain parts and buying equipment. For example, a smart investment would be a motorcycle windscreen and an alternative windshield which would make your ride easier to handle. Other components could be better tires and wearing helmets and pads. When you add everything up, motorcycles are useful thanks to their speed and size when compared to cars. Parking is a lot easier and navigating through traffic can also be mastered with a little practice. In case you are not sure look up how to choose your ideal motorcycle. Keep in mind that this solution also provides a chance for you to go longer distances.

Triumph Motorcycles
Triumph Motorcycles


One of many eco-friendly alternatives to cars is, of course, bicycles. If you live in a city and are at a reasonable distance from your work or school, bikes can provide a cheap and easy way to navigate yourself through everyday traffic. Not to mention it is healthy for you because you are getting exercise, but these two-wheelers can also be used for shopping, especially if you have a basket on them. Although they cannot really be used during winter or heavy rain, here are some of the advantages: 

- They are cheaper to use and maintain than cars 

- Safe because you have roads just for them 

- Eco-friendly 

- Portable 

E-bikes and Electric scooters 

Sometimes, the best solution is a fast but still non-polluting way of transport. In that case, the right choice for you could be an electric bike or an electric scooter. Take a look at what the advantages are. 

E-bikes: In case you need a faster way to work your way through the day, E-bikes are a good solution. They are also good for the environment, you do a little exercise, but since they are battery powered you also go around faster on them. If you don’t want to pedal all the time, this is the vehicle for you.


Electric scooters: These small battery-powered vehicles are becoming a symbol of modern urban transport. They are fast and small, they can be used on sidewalks and they are very good for the environment. Besides all that, these devices are very safe. In case there is trouble ahead and you cannot stop in time, you can simply jump off and be unscathed by the accident that occurred in front of you. You also have breaks and these little scooters are built with sensitive ones, while the handling is also very easy. Here are some of the advantages electric scooters offer you: 

- It's safe 

- It has good balance 

- It is quiet 

- Eco-friendly 

- Easily portable which means you don’t have to keep it on the street 

Public transportation 

A very cheap and very accessible solution when you don’t have a car is public transportation. It comes in many forms and is very cheap and eco-friendly. The only downside is that it doesn’t take you exactly to the spot you need to be at and there is a schedule that you have to keep up with because the driver won’t wait for you. However, if you use this alternative you don’t have to worry about finding a parking spot or whether your vehicle will be damaged or stolen. Also, some of the public transportation vehicles use their own tracks making them much safer because there is never traffic ahead of them, not to mention that they go faster because of this. They may be crowded from time to time but you have a chance to relax a little until you reach your destination. Not every town gives you all these following ways of public transport but here are some options that exist: 

- Bus: goes through the city and has many stops 

- Train: there are ones that you use in the city and those that take you to other cities and towns. They are usually very safe and comfortable because you have more space when sitting in them 

- Taxi/Uber: it takes you right to your destination and the drivers are usually efficient 

- Trolley bus: has its own railway and isn’t bothered by a slower vehicle/traffic 

- Subway: goes underground and is not bothered between stations



A great and healthy alternative is going by foot when you are not covering long distances. For example, you probably use a grocery store that is relatively close to you, so using your legs to do some shopping is going to be good for you. This can be applied on longer distances too if you are eager to do so, and here are some of the benefits of using this method instead of a car: 

- It is a healthy exercise 

- You save on gas 

- You don’t have to worry about parking 

- It is eco-friendly 

- It is safe 

Hybrid Vehicles 

Nowadays, a hybrid is a very popular environmentally friendly alternative to cars. It uses less fuel so you already save money on them, but they are still efficient and perform very well. It uses a combination of a gasoline engine and an electric motor and batteries in a way to store power. The electric motor takes over at high speeds because gasoline cannot perform too well in those situations. On the other hand, the gas engine is there for you when more power is required. As you see it is a win-win situation. The one thing you have to keep in mind is that they are very safe for you as a driver, but can be dangerous to pedestrians because they are very quiet. In any case, be careful just like you would be with any other vehicle. To sum up, here are the advantages: 

- Safer 

- Eco-friendly 

- Quiet 

- Cheaper to maintain

Lucid Motors
Lucid Motors

As you can see there are more than enough options for you to choose from. In the end, it is up to you to pick the one that suits you the most. Even though cars are very useful, especially when traveling long distances, inner-city travel doesn’t have to be reduced to them, and many cases show that it sometimes isn’t very practical. That is why you should look into alternative types of transportation so that you not only save on gas but also save yourself from the troubles of traffic jams, parking and bad drivers. Look into what is the best eco-friendly and cost-saving options out there.

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