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An Online Vape Shop Could be Your Next Side Hustle

Before Covid vape shops were found in pretty much most highstreets, they were one of the fastest growing areas of physical retail stores however as with most things the pandemic disrupted the industry causing non-essential retail to close for pretty much the majority of 2020. This meant vapers had to switch to online e-commerce stores to get their vape fix. If customers local retail store didn’t have an online presence, they had to trial new brands and flavours online. The change in business structure and home delivery procedures have meant easier access for customers and ensured former smokers are not tempted to return to cigarettes and tobacco. Online brands have been able to pick up new customers and retain these individuals by offering high quality e liquids, vaping advice and quick delivery turnarounds as well as convenient clicks & collect offerings.

Opening an Online Vape Store 

The vape industry is booming as more and more smokers are drawn to the health benefits of vaping to smoking. The NHS website states that many thousands of people in the UK have already stopped smoking with the help of an e-cigarette. There's growing evidence that they can be effective. It's a great time to enter the market and it may just be easier than you think with the help of a specialist vape manufacturer such as Eco Vape Wholesale. These guys are leading vape wholesale suppliers in the UK offering a range of UK manufactured e liquid, vaping hardware and vape accessories. All items are priced competitive and setting up a trade account is simple and straightforward.

Benefits of Selling Vape Products Online 

There’re hundreds of e liquid flavours & plenty of vaping hardware to explore allowing you to offer diverse ranges to customers or specialise in a specific niche in the vaping market. If you're interested in offering your customers disposable vaping devices, buying Air Bar bulk could be a great way to provide a variety of flavors and options at a cost-effective price point. We’ve summarised a few of the advantages of entering this market… 

Repeat Business 

Every customer that buys from your store has the potential to be a returning user meaning if you get it right you could start to grow a nice customer base. Customers will always want to try new e liquid flavours because of the huge choice available & there’s also scope for customers looking to try new vaping tanks. Vape mods also offer exciting opportunities for vapers with enhancements in technology and power these items are great for seasoned vapers to progress in their vaping journey. 

Variation of work 

As with any business working for yourself has its benefits and drawbacks but working in the vaping industry is quite exciting. There’s always new flavours and new advancements in technology meaning no two days will be the same. The vaping industry has a fantastic community both online & offline with exhibitions and shows on throughout the year you can fully immerse yourself in this world to learn more about the products and your customers.

Helping customers quit smoking 

Quite possibly one of the most rewarding parts of the job is helping vaping newbies to transition from smoking to vaping. The vaping industry has already improved the lives and health of millions of people with the help of vaping products. E-cigarettes do not burn tobacco and do not produce tar or carbon monoxide, two of the most damaging elements in tobacco smoke. 

Great industry growth 

As we’ve already discussed this industry provides exciting opportunities for any budding entrepreneurs. Vaping has been on the rise over the past few years & the pandemic has strengthened online sales of vaping products even further. As with any new business it may be challenging to begin with but it’s a great place to start for any vaping enthusiasts. For all these reasons, the vape market is definitely worth a look if you're seeking a growing industry to target. For more information check out Eco Vape wholesale who have a team of vaping experts on hand to offer advice.

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