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How to Dress Like an Italian Gentleman

Have you always wanted to dress like an Italian man? The truth is, most men at some point in their life have. But why is that? Ever since the beginning of modern times, Italian men have been the best dressers in the entire world. With everything from their flawlessly fitting suits, their soft textiles and styling talent, it’s no surprise guys want to dress like these Italian gents. Here are some easy tips to follow to get you on the right foot to Italian style.

Get a Custom Suit that’s tailored to Your Body 

If you want to dress like an Italian man, you should start by getting your clothes tailored with sharp dress trousers. In simple terms, the point where the sleeves link with the shoulders of your jacket, coats or shirts, should be exactly where your shoulder joins with your arms. Additionally, shirts should be fitted to the body, but not so much that the buttons protrude. For trousers, ensure they fit and have them tailored to cover your ankle but barely touching your shoe. If you want that Italian look, never wear a suit without having it tailored first.

Wrist Candy 

If you have always aspired to dress like an Italian man, you must have noticed that they always have a designer watch to cap their nicely done suits. For some expert help, head to shops like Pisa Orologeria in Milan for example, where they have brand name designer watches perfectly in tune with that sharp Italian look that you have always wanted. However, just like your suit, you should ensure your watch is perfectly sized such that the straps grip the point where your hand meets with your wrist. That way, the watch does not rotate around your wrist and stays precisely where it is supposed to be.

Embrace Colour 

Without any doubt, it would be difficult to achieve a sharp look with that purple tie or pink shirt, whether you are Milanese or not. However, you can add a splash of colour to your dressing in modest quantities. For instance, you can wear a white shirt with jeans and an orange belt or a blue jacket paired with khakis and a pair of driving loafers. Just be careful and do not overdo it, remember that in Italian fashion, less is always more.

Loafers are Essential 

If you want to start dressing like an Italian man, you should ensure you have at least two pairs of loafers in your wardrobe, one for winter and one for summer. When worn without socks, paired with tapered jeans and a white t-shirt on the weekend or holidays. These loafers give you that sharp look you have always wanted. If you can’t wear them without socks, ensure you choose brightly coloured ones, such as green or sky blue. So start wearing those best Italian shoes you keep in your wardrobe and bring out those dapper accessories, too.

Most Italian men have an impeccable sense of style as many grow up going to tailors. However, that doesn’t mean it would be difficult for you to learn how to dress like an Italian man. Follow the guidelines above, among many others, to get that chic Italian look.

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