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A Shaving Renaissance: The Safety Razor

In times of environmental crisis, it’s incumbent on us gentlemen to do our bit for the planet. And, we think you’ll concur, if we can fight climate change simply by making rewarding changes to our day-to-day existence — then so much the better. Just such an adjustment can be made to our morning ablutions, merely by investing in an elegant, plastic free, all-stainless steel, British made safety razor which strikes an altogether more sophisticated note in the discerning gentleman’s bathroom, while being decidedly better for Planet Earth.

If this is not reason enough, then read more! For gentleman who enjoy a wet shave, a safety razor really is a cut above — if you’ll excuse the pun. Safety razors achieve a very close, clean and accurate shave. How? Well, unlike cartridge razors which use 3 or even 5 blades, safety razors use just one, double edge razor blade. Using just one razor blade offers: 

- less clogging, yielding a cleaner shave helping prevent razor burn and other unsightly skin problems. 

- the most efficient way to exfoliate your skin, removing all unwanted skin cells. 

- a solution for shaving sensitive skin resulting in less nicks and cuts. 

- more money in your pocket, as the ongoing use of a safety razor yields a very low 'cost-per-shave’ (typically, each blade costs just a few pence each). 

Now, with many of us looking to be going back to the office again soon, this is the perfect time to consider switching to a safety razor shave.

Here is our guide to having you look ’the business' again after weeks or months of intermittent shaving: TIP! In preparation for your safety razor shave, we recommend investing a few pounds in a good pre-shave oil. Such products are designed to hydrate your skin and soften the beard, thus reducing 'tug and pull' which irritates your skin when shaving again after a period of time. Ensure you have brand new razor blades (brands such as Astra, Derby, Feather and Shark will do the job), a tube of quality shaving cream (avoiding shaving foams and gels) and a pot of post-shave balm or lotion as your skin will welcome some hydration after your shave.

1. Apply the pre-shave oil and lather up your shaving cream (preferably with a shaving brush), then apply lather to your face 

2. Rinse your razor head under warm water to get warmth into the razor blade 

3. Gently perform your shave in short straight strokes and wash off remaining lather 

4. Reapply more shaving lather and repeat step 3 again 

5. Splash your face with cool water to refresh 

6. Dry your face with a warm, clean towel 

7. Massage your post-shave balm or lotion in circular motions into your face and neck to hydrate your skin 

Finally, add a splash of your favourite aftershave and you're good to go! Wilde & Harte design and manufacture beautifully crafted stainless steel safety razors collections, inspired by the grandeur of iconic houses and palaces in London. Furthermore, the brand is a member of the 'Made in Britain' campaign, an initiative which is endorsed by the British Government, supported by British manufacturers and recognised by consumers, both at home and abroad. 

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