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The Best Sports for Better Muscle Control

Here are some physical activities and sports to choose from to achieve your fitness goals this summer. There are plenty of sports courses available and great sports to get involved with and make new friends.


With squash, over 900 calories can be burned in an hour! Effective for refining your silhouette, squash also works on the thighs, buttocks and upper body. To obtain a harmonious and muscular body, squash is therefore ideal. In addition, fast races and intense exchanges are a good way to boost your endurance. Be careful though: if you have heart problems, do not engage in such physical activity without talking to your doctor.

Rowing, a sport that strengthens the whole body 

With the rower, you can lose up to 700 calories in an hour. This sport is also ideal for building the body because it calls on all muscle groups: abs, legs, arms, thighs, etc. During a rowing session, around 80% of the muscles are used. This sport is also effective for boosting your endurance and for working your breathing. But the benefits of rowing don't end there: this muscle-building sport doesn't hurt your joints. However, it is important to adopt the right posture so as not to injure yourself. Before you start, do not hesitate to seek advice from a sports coach on the position to adopt to avoid any risk of injury. To practice rowing you can of course register with a gym. But if you want to practice it at home, know that many programs are on sale. You may want to look at some programs such as: 

- The benchmark in the field, namely the Concept2 model D rower 

- The WaterRower S4, voted best water rower 

- Sportstech RSX600 rower 


Running is a complete sport that does not require any specific equipment other than good running shoes. During a session, you will strengthen your thighs, legs, calves, buttocks and abs. Your arms will also be put to use and if you do sprints from time to time, your abdominal belt can also build up. Other benefits of running: it improves respiratory and cardiovascular capacities.

Swimming, a sport that quickly strengthens the back 

Swimming is another sport for building muscle. This physical activity eliminates up to 540 calories in an hour. But whatever type of stroke you choose, your joints will not suffer and all your muscle groups will be able to build up their muscles smoothly thanks to the weightless effect of water. Swimming also allows you to work on your breathing and improve your cardiovascular capacities. The movements performed during a session are also excellent for promoting blood circulation and avoiding the risk of water retention. Swimming is therefore a discipline with many advantages. In addition, it allows you to de-stress and release all tensions. 


With basketball, 600 calories can be burned in 60 minutes. This physical activity is very challenging since it allows you to build your legs, arms, thighs, abs and shoulders. Sprints and accelerations are beneficial for cardio. If you want to turn to a sport that strengthens and where team spirit is essential, basketball is perfect.

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