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7 Memorable Ways to Spend Time with your Guy Friends

Spending quality time with your friends is always something to look forward to. When you get the chance, make it memorable. Let it be so much fun that you'll be looking forward to the next time you'll be together. To have fun, try out new things, make sure to accommodate each other's interests and take time to plan. Here are some great ways to spend time with your guy friends:

Visit a Distillery or Winery 

Bond over your shared love of wine or spirits by visiting a local distillery or winery. You'll not only get to learn how your favourite drinks are manufactured, but you'll have a new appreciation for the time, effort and care that goes into the process. Ellers Farms Distillery is one fascinating place to pay a visit with friends. You'll not only get to spend quality time with friends, but you'll learn something new by the end of the day.

Have a Food Eating Contest 

Preparing delicious dishes to take with your friends is not enough, but go the extra step and organise a food contest. You'll not only enjoy the food but have fun. Have gifts or accolades for the winners who'll hold the title until you organise another competition. Because many men love food and wine, you'll get willing contestants. 

Have a Movie Night 

Choose a night when everyone is free and relaxed, then plan the movies to watch. Make sure to accommodate everyone's interests, so no one feels left out. Have takeaway food or prepare your favourite dishes between movie times and have enough refreshments.

Read Together 

Has your book club gone extinct? Organise a get together to read a good novel with friends. Make the most of it by choosing books you're sure all will read and like. There's a lot you can learn through reading. 

Go Camping 

Spend a weekend in nature by going camping. There's nothing more fun than experiencing the outdoors with your mates while you bond over conversations, songs and sleep under the stars together. You don't need to go on an expedition as you can camp at any public park. From finding firewood to preparing food, build a campfire together and have fun.

Organise Indoor Games 

You don't always have to go out to enjoy a fun-filled day with friends. You can organise indoor games for you and your buddies at home. Organise a karaoke contest, body painting contest, play cards and find other activities that'll make you laugh while having fun together. Indoor games are ideal when you have a night in with your friends. 

Adventurous Activities 

Keeping fit doesn't always have to be boring, but you can explore the world around you while staying healthy. Organise activities that'll get your adrenaline pumping, such as rock climbing or rafting. You can also play sports like football or organise a gruelling obstacle course for everyone to conquer together. You can even visit a nearby theme park for carefree fun and entertainment. As you create memorable moments, you'll also bond more and get to know what's happening in your individual lives. Make sure to minimise distractions, have enough time and involve the entire group when planning.

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