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How to Pose for the Perfect Picture

Every modern man needs a set of perfect pictures. Whether they’re for professional use, an online scrapbook or to build your personal online brand, a picture tells a thousand words and will help you to showcase your aesthetic to the world. Taking a selfie might seem like an ideal way to show off your outfit on Instagram, but for your signature portrait, you need someone else to take the image to allow you to experiment with poses. Posing for a signature photographic portrait that can enhance your image and make you feel more confident is no easy feat. There’s a skill to staging the perfect background and posing correctly, and it takes time and effort to find the best photoshoot locations across the UK. Here are some practical tips for modern men looking to pose for the perfect picture. These tips should help you to improve both your general images and the special pictures that you use for professional purposes and as a profile picture.

Choose The Right Backdrop 

The background to your picture will affect the way you pose. If you’re in a formal setting, such as a library or a stately home, then you need a formal yet authentic pose. For a more relaxed space, such as in front of a sunset, you can relax your posture. So, before you start learning your poses and how to hold your body and face, you should find the right background for your image. Think about what you’ll use the picture for: if you want an image that will be great for both professional and personal uses, then consider a neutral background. If the image is for a specific purpose, such as to promote your work in a specific sector, then think about what your audience will look for in your image. A professional portrait of a creative individual should include some prop that showcases their talent. Meanwhile, a portrait for a sportsman would need to be taken in the place where you regularly train or perform. Think about what you’re doing with the picture to decide on the best background.

Wear Clothes You Feel Comfortable In 

When choosing clothes for your photoshoot, it’s easy to think that style is the only consideration. While there are many tips to help you style yourself before a photography session, the most important thing to remember is to wear clothes that you’re comfortable wearing. Even the most stylish clothing will make you look uncomfortable if you don’t feel good wearing it. It’s surprisingly easy to see if someone is uncomfortable from their face, no matter how much they try to hide their discomfort. Choose clothes that fit well and that you feel comfortable wearing; don’t ever be pushed into showing more or less skin (men too) or accentuating a part of your body that you don’t like. Other people might have an opinion on your outfit, but don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself and make the final decision. 

Choose Between Standing Or Sitting 

There are two main ways that you take your photos: standing or sitting. While male models often choose to combine the two by half-squatting on one leg to showcase their physique, for modern professionals, this is a very artificial look. Instead, it would help if you chose to either stand or sit down. Each option has its merits, so work out which one is best for you. If you can’t decide, then you could try each option to find the perfect position for you.

Keep Your Back Straight And Your Head High 

Whether you’re standing or sitting, you need to make sure that you keep your head high and your back naturally straight. A straight back is a classic pose that works for every man. If you put your head down and slump, you’ll look slovenly and too relaxed. A ramrod-straight pose might look unnatural, but a naturally straight posture will look strong and bold. Take the time to practice in the mirror to get your posture right and find the perfect balance for your picture. 

Work Out What To Do With Your Hands 

Choosing what you do with your hands will affect the layout of your pictures and your attitude in them. As such, this is a vital choice that you need to make when you’re deciding on a pose for an image. Holding your hands behind your back could look cold and awkward, so try holding an object or clasping your hands in front of your body. If you have pockets in your suit jacket or trousers, then you could put your hands in them to get them out of the way and create a relaxed pose.

Try Squinching To Create The Perfect Facial Expression 

The ‘squinch’ is an innovative pose that is essentially a half squint. By squashing your eyes down, you can flatter your eyes and form your face into a perfectly relaxed yet engaged pose. Popular on Instagram, this pose is useful for anyone who wants to create the right look for their pictures. This facial expression isn’t common, and if you do it wrong, then you might look confused or worse. So, you should learn how to squinch and practice before you take your pictures. Take the time to experiment with your facial expression to create the perfect look for your portrait photos. 

Edit Your Pictures If You Need To

No matter how hard you try to pose perfectly and how much work you put into your outfit, hairstyle and skincare regime, there will still always be imperfections in any image. To create the ideal portrait for your professional and personal use, you should edit the picture as required. Overediting your images can result in strange pictures that are obviously changed, so practice editing before you settle on a final result. If you’re struggling to edit your photos yourself, then consider asking a professional photographer to help you to turn your raw images into your ideal portraits that you can share with everyone you know.

Find The Right Prints 

Once you’ve posed for, taken and edited the perfect pictures, you can use them for everything, including social media profile pictures, in your email signature and more. If you want to enjoy a physical reminder of your perfect picture, or you would like to give the images as gifts or keepsakes to friends and loved ones, then you need to find the right prints. There are many styles of printed photographs that you can choose from, so you can find one that suits your personal style and purpose. One universally flattering style is retro prints, so you could consider getting some retro style prints for your portraits. Check out the retro prints from Inkifi to get a set of printed pictures that are unique, flattering and versatile. You could put them in a frame or a scrapbook or keep them as they are for a quirky reminder of your perfect portrait. Posing for the perfect portrait takes a lot of trial and error, but the outcome will be worth the effort. Use these tips to find your perfect pose and enjoy stunning pictures of yourself that you can use as keepsakes, profile pictures and much more.

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