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Humanery Creates Definitive Destination for Male Beauty Products

While traditional beauty retail overwhelmingly focuses on female customers - including the branding, tone of voice, and communication - Humanery have created a destination tailored for men to learn more about beauty, grooming, and self-care, and to discover a range of expertly curated, high-performance brands. Humanery wants to contribute to the current tectonic shift in attitudes to male self-care. Gone are the days where skin and hair care were the preserve of women. As attitudes to gender alter, and as the definition of masculinity continues to broaden, men are increasingly starting to take ownership of their appearance and feel comfortable pursuing beauty routines. Worldwide, men currently spend over $100 billion on grooming products, signalling a clear global shift in ideals.

“Is loving yourself so bad?” asks founder Sid Baveja, “Why then do men have to hide their emotions or hide the routines they use to look after themselves? This old and archaic philosophy that make-up is only for girls and that boys need to be rough and rugged needs to change. Everyone has different ways of looking after themselves and men should have access to a wide selection of high-quality products that work for them. Why isn't there a destination that helps men conveniently buy high quality prestige products? A place where men can discover products, get some no-nonsense guidance, trusted reviews, and an experience designed for them?”

The Humans of Humanery journal provides regularly updated advice on essential grooming practice for men, breaking down beauty routines in an accessible, no-nonsense way. Including, how to handle dry skin, the right skincare routines for oily skin, and tips on how to deal with acne, beards, and how to use self-care to boost your overall mental health

The platform features a selection of environmentally-friendly and ethically-sourced, high-performance brands. All of which have been carefully vetted to align with Humanery’s core values. Humanery’s skincare selection features products from premium brands such as Aesop, Ra.Men’s Care, Clinique, Humanity Cosmetics and more. From face wash, toners to face creams, face masks, skin moisturizers, and SPF creams, the products have been curated so that users can navigate and discover products that address their specific skincare requirements.

For beard care and maintenance, Humanery can help you discover products from brands such as Ruffians, Humanity Cosmetics and Raw Naturals offering a range of beard shampoos, and beard oils, to shaving gels, creams, shave serums, razors, blades and a full range of aftershave products. Other product collections include hair care and styling, make-up, bath and body, fragrance, and well-being supplements. 

And, with the season of good-will approaching, Humanery presents the opportunity for loved ones to introduce self-care routines to the men in their lives. A significant portion of the male beauty market is still driven by female purchases, making Humanery an important destination for women hoping to spoil their loved ones or help them along on their self-care journey.

Humanery places a strong emphasis on being a place for everyone, irrespective of class, race, gender identity, age, educational background or religion. All men can experience the mental and physical benefits of self-care.

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