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The Arterton Signature Garment Bag

For the modern gentleman, any occasion is a reason to be stylish – whether it’s for an out-of-town wedding or, simply, a corporate function abroad. You most likely already have the perfectly tailored suit ready for the event but travelling with it poses its own set of challenges. You would want to ensure that your pièce de résistance can reach its destination without a wrinkle or mishap.

It is, therefore, important to invest in a well-built garment bag. These bags are meant to store and efficiently transport your favourite clothing, all while protecting it from the elements and hazards of travel. You must select a bag made with quality and durable materials. It is, after all, the only thing protecting your suits from potential damage.

Arterton, a British-design atelier of sartorial and lifestyle goods, has reinvented the garment bag with its Signature Garment Bag. It redefines everyday items and innovates them with thoughtful design, quality materials, and proper craftsmanship. The garment bag is no exception with a Registered British Design (Patent No. 6154967). In this article we thoroughly examine how the brand has modified the garment bag to suit the modern gentleman.

It has a unique dual-zip opening

The Arterton Signature Garment Bag is more than just the everyday garment bag. Its unique dual-zip opening is an innovation that creates a much wider gap, allowing for the easy insertion and retrieval of your clothing. Unlike the ones you get from the drycleaners, these zippers are made with solid metal for durability and longevity. In addition, it includes a smooth leather attachment that acts as a handle for both zippers to be pulled simultaneously.

It protects your suit

Notice the structure of the Arterton Signature Garment Bag. It is built with reinforced gussets to strengthen the overall shape of the bag. This is intentionally designed to protect the clothing by avoiding overcrowding of any pieces. Built with three sewn buttonholes at the top, the garment bag could accommodate three hangers. When not in use, they naturally close to prevent any dust, water, or moths from entering the bag. 

It is made with 12 oz waxed cotton

Breathability is essential when choosing a garment bag for your suits, and every polished gentleman knows that their suit must breathe. Since the Signature Garment Bag is made with 12 oz waxed cotton, its natural fibre lets in air molecules while blocking dust and water particles. This high-quality market-leading material offers protection while lasting you a lifetime with its durability.

It is water-resistant

The waxed cotton is densely woven and double waxed with natural paraffin oils. Instead of opting for PVC sprays to waterproof the fabric, the design atelier relied on the wax coating to repel water, allowing the bigger water molecules to simply slide off the fabric while still letting air pass through. If needed, the cotton could be re-waxed in the future to reinforce its water-resistance feature. 

It is ready for travel

One of the most important features in any garment bag should be its portability. The Signature Garment Bag can be folded and carried by the hanger hook. It can also be paired with the Bridle Leather Travel Handle, which makes travelling with your suits even more convenient and comfortable for you. This interchangeable handle’s proprietary design connects to the hanger for additional support for your suit. This avoids any wrinkling or creasing in your clothing and makes room for up to three suits. The leather handle is meticulously made by award-winning leather artisans, who have earned the Leathersellers’ Company Award in 2017. This award showcases the thought and attention to detail given to the bag’s construction.

It can be used for both storage and travel

Whether indoors or outdoors, the garment bag is versatile enough to be used for both storage and travel. Even inside a wardrobe, a suit could still be susceptible to dust and dirt. While on the go, a suit could be vulnerable to the rain or the elements. The bag protects your suits in storage or when you’re travelling with them. 

It is worth the investment

There’s no question that a garment bag is an essential piece for fashionable travellers. But the Arterton Signature Garment Bag has elevated the standard bag to be more sophisticated with its beautiful design and practical attributes. From the wider double zip opening to its water-repellent features, it is the ultimate travel companion for the modern gentleman. With its attention to detail and premium materials, it is our top pick travel essential. 

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