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How the Knowledge of History Can Elevate Men's Social Position

One's social standing is determined by many factors - three of the most important ones being education level, job position, and the way people perceive the person. A man's position in society will have a big impact on his life quality, therefore, building a better one should be something he should always strive for. There are several ways in which the knowledge of history can elevate a man's social position that people should know about.

Understanding A Culture Better 

When you're traveling to a foreign country for business, the best way to make a good impression on your hosts, business partners, and prospective clients is to have an understanding of their culture that goes beyond the romanticized notion of it most tourists have. If you're going to Ireland, knowing the history behind their 11th century castles - why they were built originally, how their purpose changed over the years, as well as what kind of role they play in the collective memory of the Irish people today - will give you an upper hand when it comes to meeting with influential business partners from Ireland. The same could be said for visiting any country in the world. Taking the time to learn about a country, its history, traditions, and the way it's all incorporated into the contemporary cultural identity of the people living there is a sure-fire way to impress those you meet with. That's because knowing about the history of a country shows you have an ambition for knowledge that will help improve your business relationships. It might even play a big role in landing a better deal than you thought you would - which will improve your standing with your boss as well.

2. Broader Conversation Topics 

Whether you're at a business or a community event, it's important that people find you easy to talk to. Given how important networking is - it's one of the key components in advancing your career, and it can help you build strong friendships as well - being able to talk on various topics is imperative. History is incredibly complex - it's more than just a bunch of facts you need to remember in a linear fashion to get a good grade on a history test. It deals with challenges and triumphs countries have had to face throughout the years, socio-economics, international relationships, the various ways the laws have evolved over the years, and so much more. It's a subject matter that gives you the chance to learn about different aspects of life that can help you have a better understanding of the world. That, in turn, will help open up communication with people around you - making it easier for them to relate to you, and develop an interest in becoming your friend or investing in you professionally. 

3. Complex Political Discussions 

Politics is a sensitive subject - and it can also easily be trivialized by only talking about the present without putting it into context with the events that have led to the current political situation. There are many ways in which history can play a big role in politics - from understanding the impact of economic policies on past generations to talking about how certain legal decisions were made based on what happened during previous times. People who are well-versed in history seem to have greater standing when it comes to political discussions. That's because they can contribute with facts and stories that add an interesting perspective to the discussion - something people who only talk about politics in the present tense lack. If you're trying to make a good impression on people, you'll likely find that being able to apply your knowledge of history to current political discussions will firmly establish you as a person whose opinion is important and valuable - and that's the best way to improve your social position.

4. An Informed Approach To Challenges 

Much like when discussing politics, knowing and understanding how things have happened in the past, as well as how to connect that with contemporary events, can help you gain a higher ground when facing challenges. While you're most likely not going to be in the exact same position, knowing how powerful words are and the way to create a good speech is important both in your personal and professional life. Learning about the speech Pericles gave at the start of the Peloponnesian War, for example, will help you see how to use logic and emotion in your own speeches. That's because it was extremely effective in making Athenians want to go higher - both on an emotional level, but also with logical arguments about why they needed to keep going. It can help you understand the best way to use rhetoric and logic when you're faced with an obstacle, but it can also help you recognize some patterns and inform your approach to challenges. 

As you can see, the knowledge of history goes a long way in helping a man improve his social position. While studying history isn't going to make you successful all by itself, it certainly plays a key role in understanding society and how people interact with each other. That's why it's important that men find ways they can enrich their knowledge of history. The more you know about the world around you, the better you will be able to navigate it - and that's always going to help elevate your social position.

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