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Parajumpers Drops SS22 Beyond Boundaries Collection

A natural landscape untouched by humankind; the powerful energy evoked by wild and rocky sceneries. There is no boundary that can contain the stateliness of nature. In the fast-paced world as the one we live in, the focus of Parajumpers SS22 campaign is to take some time to be present in the moment and find true inspiration, through a combination of the vibrant energy of nature and the progressive urban attitude, giving birth to a newfound vitality and positive mindset. Delicate, pastel tones are accompanied by deep, intense earthy hues, colouring the feminine, yet practical, garments of the women's collection. The combination of colours and styles create unique pieces that are able to adapt to any environment, and at the same time putting you in the spotlight. Textures play a game of opposites: on one hand, delicate and aethereal; on the other, strong and hard-wearing. The men's collection is a burst of power and vitality thanks to the combination of bright, pop colours and deeper, more intense nuances, that highlight the functionality of the garments. Style and practical details go hand-in-hand, creating a collection that will take you on an enriching life journey. The incredible and breath-taking pictures of natural sceneries are combined with modern and urban outfits, creating a juxtaposition of opposites that perfectly blend with each other. A collection deeply rooted and inspired by the resilient power of nature. 


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