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Visiting London? Don’t Overlook These Important Things

If you are visiting London for the first time, then it’s absolutely essential that you plan your trip. Because London is England’s capital city, to say that it is busy would be an understatement. If you do not plan your trip, then you will most certainly have a very difficult time getting around and may stress yourself out unnecessarily. London is a very fun and exciting city, with so much to do there but not planning out your trip properly and stressing yourself out will mean that you don’t get to truly experience the city. This article will tell you what things you shouldn’t overlook, how you can plan your trip, and even what to do when you are in London.

Storing Luggage 

Anybody who has ever been to London on vacation will be able to attest to how difficult it is navigating London’s busy streets while carrying their luggage around with them. The easiest way to eliminate this problem is to store your luggage at Kings Cross with Stasher.com, a company that facilitates the storage and safekeeping of luggage internationally. You can store the luggage that you don’t need for your trip there and take only the necessary stuff to your hotel with you. You can also return to the station and swap the luggage that’s in storage, meaning you can change things for other things that you need. Kings Cross is located in the heart of London, so it’s easy to get to if you need to do this.

Visiting Time 

London’s busy all year round, but there are some periods when it’s quieter than others. If you are planning on visiting then the first thing that you need to think about is the time that you are going to be coming. It is worth noting that if you want to avoid actual British tourists and people enjoying London’s various sites, then the best time to visit is during the working week when they are busy. Avoiding British tourists and people will mean that you only have to contend with other international tourists. 


Accommodation is another thing that deserves a lot of thought. Accommodation isn’t cheap, no matter where you stay in London. The best way to save money is to book in advance. Another way of saving money is to stay in a hostel or a bed and breakfast. Hostels and bred and breakfasts tend to be very cheap when compared to other forms of accommodation, like hotel rooms. If you are going to stay in a hostel or bed and breakfast, make sure that you read their reviews beforehand, so that you can be confident they offer a good service.

Itinerary Planning 

There’s so much to do in London, so plan your itinerary in advance. Planning out the kinds of activities that you are going to be doing when you are there will make it a lot easier to figure out what you are doing when you arrive. Many people underestimate London’s size. If you don’t plan your trip, then there’s absolutely no way that you will be able to see everything, unless you are staying for several weeks. You also need to think about how you are going to get from one attraction to another. 


Transportation is made easy by London’s extremely efficient public transportation network, although if you don’t like public transport (which many people don’t post-COVID-19, then it’s not your only option. If you are going to be staying in central London, then you can actually walk around quite easily, as long as you have a pair of comfortable walking shoes. Something else that’s worth bearing in mind is taking a bicycle. All over London, you can find bicycles parked. These bicycles are usually owned by Santander. As long as it’s a public bicycle and not a private one, you can pick it up and take it. You usually have to pay a small fee to take one of these bicycles.

Day Trip 

Lastly, do you really want to stay in London? It’s perfectly possible to visit without staying there. Around London, there are a lot of small market towns, like St. Albans for example. You can stay in one of these towns for considerably less than it would cost to stay in London, and then take a train or taxi into London for the day. If you are going to visit for a day only, then make sure that you plan your itinerary meticulously, so that you see everything that’s worth seeing. 

London is a fantastic city, with a lot to do. If it is your first visit there, then you need to plan carefully so that you can minimise the stress that’s inevitable when visiting a new place for the first time. Don’t overlook any of the things outlined in this post.

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