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What is a Pod System and How Does it Work?

Vaping devices or e-cigarettes outstrip regular cigarettes nowadays. At this point, no demographic group doesn't vape, and each does so for different reasons. For example, heavy smokers use vapes to reduce cigarettes and develop healthier habits. Others do it purely for recreational purposes. Popular forums often recommend pod systems for non-smokers or smokers who want to switch to a healthier solution. These devices are highly compact, perfect for everyday use, and the best for first timers. The text below contains helpful information that breaks down a pod system and how it operates.

What Is a Vape Pod System? 

A vape pod system (a.k.a. pod vape or pod-style vape) refers to a removable cup (the pod) where the e-juice is stored. Pod-system vapes are devices a bit more advanced than traditional vape pens but far from the sophisticated vape designs. Essentially, pod-system vapes last longer than the traditional ones but appear more complex than others because of their unique design. The pod connects to the battery component or body of the vape. So, to get it right, first, you pair the pod with a replacement coil. Once you turn on the vape, the battery lights the coil within the pod, which vaporizes the e-liquid and produces vapor. Averagely, the storage capacity of most pod systems is nearly 2mL of e-juice, so they're great for on the go.

Types of Pod System 

If you start reading the pod systems' specifications, you'll first note the "open" or "closed" system. These two are the fundamental classifications. So, let's see what they mean. 

Open Pod System 

With an open system pod, you may manually open the top of the pod and add as much of your favourite e-juice as you like. Such systems also include removable coils, allowing you to replace them as needed rather than purchasing an entirely new pod. 

Open pod systems are handy and practical devices as they: 

- Allow you to use the e-juice with the device and provide you with more flavour options and nicotine levels 

- Boost the vapor production 

- Soothe the draw with a pleasant feeling 

However, there are a few drawbacks that you might want to consider: 

- Having to refill the vape manually 

- Having to coil and cartridge replacements 

The open pod system vapes usually work for people who fancy vaping for pleasure and treat it as a hobby. However, note that they have a unique mechanism for maintaining the item.

Closed System Vape Pods 

Closed system vape pods rely on pre-filled e-juice cartridges, making them similar to a cartomizer. Remove the old one to replace an empty pod with a new one when your gadget needs a refill. Beginner vapers are frequently drawn to closed systems since there are no tanks or coils to take care of, making them low maintenance. Also, the closed system vape pods work great for smokers who wish to switch from cigarettes to vapes. 

The primary advantages of the closed system vape pods are: 

- Easy and quick refills 

- No experience is necessary 

- Affordable 

- Low maintenance. 

However, there are a few disadvantages you may find a dealbreaker: 

- Scarce compatible cartridges for your device 

- Deficient production of vapor and draw 

- Periodical "spit backs."

What's the Pod System Composed Of? 

Namely, Pod Systems are composed of two main parts: the cartridge or the vape pod and the battery. The cartridge is the component that goes into the battery and rests on top of the pod system. Many also refer to it as a "topper." It is also the place that stores the e-liquid. Some pods include a refillable mechanism that allows you to buy your e-juice and refill the pod cartridge as needed. These pods are pre-filled with vape juice. The battery is the second component to check out. The battery is much simpler and frequently has a slim appearance than the cartridge. The battery is in charge of sensing when drags are taken and then turning on the gadget to allow e-liquid to vaporize. But there are still devices where you must press the button to take a drag. Charging the batteries is super easy and similar to other electronic devices. You get yourself a USB cable and plug it in. It is worth noting that some pod systems may steer from this design. However, this is the form that most pods currently possess on the market. 

Pod System Health Effects 

Pod systems are healthier than cigarettes but still have side effects depending on how much you vape. The typical aftereffects include coughing, dizziness, sickness, etc. Usually, all these symptoms only appear after one has overstepped their tolerance level. Therefore, it's advisable to stay hydrated and well-fed before vaping. If you're a beginner, take it one step at a time, and don't overdo it. As for the long-term effects, the internet contains various disinformation stating vapes cause cancer. However, there aren't any official and specific studies to confirm this information. The tie between vaping and cancer is drastically smaller than that between cigarettes. Of course, doctors still believe inhaling excessive smoke harms the cardiovascular system and the lungs. However, taking a few puffs a day won't cause health issues in the long run. The catch is not to cross your tolerance levels because vaping is the same as eating. If you overeat, you'll become obese—you get the gist.

How Do Pod Systems Work: Conclusion 

The online market abounds with various types of pod systems. As said, they vary in shape, form, and style. They're perfect for heavy smokers as they are less damaging, but also for beginners, as well. However, mind buying only from reliable stores to get the utmost quality and the most reasonable prices. Hopefully, we've helped you understand what pod systems are, how they work, and why you should invest in one!

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