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The Best 2023 Men's Fashion Predictions

The world is eagerly looking at the current runways, trying to anticipate the fashion trends for next year. These pieces will be soon making their way into street style. Make sure you get ahead of the curve with the best men’s fashion predictions for 2023.

Flared Trousers 

Flared trousers come and go every couple of decades, and they have been in style for the past couple of years now. However, these show no signs of going out of style. Flared trousers go with a lot of different types of tops and can make anyone look taller, which makes it a great style option. Pairing black flares with a classic leather jacket can be a great way to look edgy and stylish. They also go well with a vintage sports jumper or jersey.

- Bode
- Bode

Pinstripe Suits 

This classic cut has taken the runway by storm this season. Cream pinstripe suits are a stylish look on any man, and can add a sophisticated look to any man’s wardrobe. These are great for weddings, events and seasonal parties. Paired with the right accessories and clothes, it is predicted that these will dominate the 2023 suit game in every season. Winter outfits with the suit could include a long brown coat and brown shoes. Summer variations of the outfit could include boat shoes and a stylish hat. In summer, wearing this suit with a brown t-shirt to keep you cool could be a great holiday look. 

Cross Body Bags 

Cross-body bags have been in-style in women’s fashion for a while now, but the trend is making its way over to men’s fashion. Seen on many runways already this season, this is definitely one of the most upcoming trends for men in 2023. They are very practical, but also add a bit of flair to your outfit. They go with almost anything, from t-shirts and shorts to suits. Many different premium designers are creating men’s cross-body bags at the moment, but there are also many affordable options in street-style stores at the minute.

- Drake's
- Drake's


Heavy chains go in and out of style on the men’s jewellery scene. However, they seem to be coming back with a vengeance in 2023! They are incredibly versatile and can be paired with more formal or informal outfits. They can look both high-fashion or edgy, so you can pair them with so many outfits to create your intended look. This season it is predicted that they will come either with two different types of metals, such as black and silver. However, monochromatic metals like solid gold will not be out of place next year. These are one of the fashion picks for 2023 that will likely be extremely prominent in men’s fashion. 

Plaid Shirts 

Checks and plaids are really coming back this season. Although they are timeless, the prints have exploded on the runways this season. In 2023, expect to see a lot of these prints. The beauty of checks and plaids is that they can be worn as part of a high-fashion formal outfit or as an uber-casual street-style fit. There is also an incredible amount of variation when it comes to plaids and checks- they come in so many different styles and colours. Finding a plaid or check garment that fits your wardrobe and suits your skin tone can be incredibly easy. Dark green check suits could be a great option for the winter months, while a plaid shirt paired with loose blue denim jeans could turn heads in spring/summer.

- Rapanui
- Rapanui

Cargo Shorts 

Casual men around the world unite! Cargo shorts are officially on the high fashion radar for 2023. Although they have been considered one of the worst fashion faux-pas in the past, 2023 is reclaiming them for men. However, the key to wearing cargo shorts right is in the details. Pair these shorts with an oversized t shirt and cool sneakers for a casual and comfy look that can look right on the pulse of current fashion. A great pro to these is that they have many pockets in which you can carry your personal items, making cargo shorts a practical but still cutting-edge choice in 2023. 

Bright and Colourful Knitwear 

Not only has the 70s nostalgia brought back flares to the fashion scene, but they have also brought colourful knits to 2023. If you’re constantly stuck wearing boring neutral shades, investing in some bright men’s knitwear can inject a bit of colour into your wardrobe. They are also incredibly comfy. Cardigans and jumpers that have intricate designs and use a lot of bright colours remain dominating street style going into 2023. Worn by menswear style icons such as Tyler The Creator, bright knitwear remains one of the most stylish picks for men.

- Howlin'
- Howlin'

Bomber Jackets 

Men’s bomber jackets have remained a fashion staple, however, they are predicted to come around the fashion cycle again in 2023. These jackets can be worn all through 2023. Silk styles can be worn on spring/summer days, while there are heavier options available to keep you warm in summer and winter. The styles of bomber jackets which are dominating runways at the minute include printed ones with many different styles of applique and duo-chromatic fabrics. They can be worn with almost every style of shirt and trousers combo. 


The 60’s hippie revolution is creeping its way back into men’s fashion for 2023. Incredibly vibrant and eye-catching, this style of fabric is a great way to display your fun and vibrant personality going into next year. However, if you’re more chilled out, there are tie-dye fabrics available in neutral colours that can still look stylish. Forms of tie-dye are available in trousers, t-shirts, and shirts. Adding one of these tie-dye looks to your wardrobe can add a bit of vibrant flair. Channel your inner hippie and turn heads on the street with a full tie-dye outfit.

- Paul Smith
- Paul Smith

Wide Skater Shorts 

The runway is seemingly taking a leaf out of Adam Sandler’s book this season. Many designers are pairing wide skater-style shorts with large hoodies for a retro 90s look. If you’re a fan of the skater look, these shorts will surely be making their way to the high street in 2023. They’re already making their way into luxury streetwear collections. Like cargo shorts, they have once been considered a fashion mistake. However, there is no doubt this casual and comfy California skater classic will dominate trends next year. 

Keep your eyes peeled for these trends in high street stores and influencer profiles going into 2023 - incorporating these cuts can put you ahead of the curve.

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