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Spring Layering Ideas for Transitional Dressing

With this erratic weather, the art of layering is a useful skill to have. You need to be able to easily add and subtract items of clothing during the day, as the temperature changes or the rain falls. It’s also handy when you’re travelling if you don’t quite know what the weather will throw at you, so you have all the options covered. Lightweight layers will work best, especially if you’ve got to carry them around with you once you’ve peeled them off. Accessories will also help – a cotton or silk and wool scarf makes a huge difference as to how warm you feel. 3 or 4 layers is generally what to aim for... any less and it’s not really layering and any more, you’ll really need to hone that skill! Here are some personal styling options of how to layer easily this Spring.

Incorporate a cardigan

Cardigans are a useful addition to your Spring wardrobe and perfect for layering. You can do this more casually by layering a jersey or fleece cardigan over a crew neck tee and under a bomber jacket, or go for a smart casual option by putting a cotton knit one between a collarless shirt and a workwear jacket. Or for a smarter look, sandwich a fine knit merino wool between a button-down shirt and a blazer. The best thing about a cardigan is that they’re easy to take on and off or you can just open them up if you get too hot. Go for all neutrals like navy, grey and white or add in one bright colour like purple for the casual option.

- Allevol X Inverallan
- Allevol X Inverallan

Put a denim jacket under a mac

That way you have the best of both worlds, keep them both on if you get caught in a shower and it chucks it down or take off the mac (get a lightweight one that packs away) and store it in your bag when the sun comes out. You could even add in a lightweight quilted gilet to the mix if the weather is being really temperamental – wear it on top of the denim jacket and underneath the mac, for an extra bit of cosiness. I love a denim jacket with the top couple of buttons done up and you could add a patterned cotton and wool mix scarf for extra warmth and panache. On the bottom half wear chinos and high-top trainers, or 501s in a different shade from the jacket and Red Wing boots. 

Add a hoody underneath your overshirt

An overshirt or workwear style jacket is a really useful item to have in your wardrobe that can be styled in loads of different ways. When it’s colder, wear a t-shirt and a hoody underneath. You could go for shades of the same colour – sky blue with navy, or sage green with dark olive, or go for contrasting shades like a burnt orange hoody with a navy overshirt, or a pale pink under grey. Or if you’ve got a patterned overshirt, then just pick out one of the colours in the pattern and wear a hoody in that colour. You could switch out your classic jersey sweat hoody for a cashmere knitted one if you want to go for a little more polish.

- Gant
- Gant

Layer a t-shirt, a shirt and a jacket

Think about how all 3 pieces work together – you could go for tonal layers like varying shades of blue e.g.: a pale blue logo t-shirt, with an air force blue check flannel shirt and a navy herringbone twill chore jacket and jeans. Or you could mix some patterns – a white & burnt orange stripe t-shirt, a rust/orange toned floral short sleeved shirt and light brown suede biker jacket – having some link in the colour of the stripes and florals is the key to doing this well. Or, if you prefer to wear just one colour, then introduce different textures to make it look a whole lot more interesting e.g.: a linen mix black t-shirt, a black cord shirt, and a black leather jacket with washed in black denim on your bottom half. 

Wear a zip up top under a blazer

You could go full on 90s style by mixing sportswear with tailoring and wear a t-shirt and an Adidas zip up track top, styled under an oversized blazer with baggy jeans. Or you could stay much more on the classic side of things and have a quarter zip fine knit sweater over a fitted shirt and beneath an unstructured blazer. Maybe go for a subtle check in the jacket to add some interest and pair with slim chinos and suede brogues.

- Barbour
- Barbour

Factor in a gilet

Aside from your classic lightweight quilted gilet, you could also opt for one of the following 3 styles – a suede padded gilet worn over a cotton knit zip collared cardigan and t-shirt in neutral cappuccino and latte tones for a stealth wealth look. A colourful boxy fleece gilet over a sweatshirt, crew neck tee and jeans for a fun, casual look. Or a heavy cotton gilet with multiple pockets, over a crew neck t-shirt, denim shirt and wide leg chinos. Accessorise with a cotton bandana style scarf and chunky trainers and you’ll be all sorted for your next weekend away.

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