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Tips for Selling Men’s Fashion Online

With the online business market continually growing, the competition is increasing too. Therefore, if you want your business to be visible, recognisable, and successful, you should choose a niche market that is not too saturated and still has room for newcomers and disrupters. Men's fashion is a good example of such a market. With less competition and a more specific approach, you will be able to build a brand that has real potential to grow. More to it, the men's fashion market is constantly evolving and expanding. According to Statista, revenue in the men's fashion segment amounts to $477,319m in 2020. And the market itself is expected to grow annually by 9.1%. The entire apparel market is big and may be difficult to enter for new startups. However, a niche market like men's fashion has great perspectives. If you come up with a strong strategy for your brand and know your target audience well, there is a great chance for your project to succeed. To help you start selling men's fashion online, we'll share some helpful tips.

Establish Your Brand  

Before you start selling men's apparel, you will need to establish your brand identity. There is no single piece of advice or strategy for every online business. Thus, you should choose a niche that interests you personally. This way, you will enjoy building your business much more. It will also be easier to develop and scale the business because this is the niche you should already be familiar with.

Use a Dropshipping Platform 

One of the most popular clothing items in menswear is a t-shirt. Thus, no matter what men’s fashion niche you’ll choose, selling t-shirts will help you sell more items and increase your profits. A custom t-shirt guide from Printify can help you get a better understanding of how dropshipping works, and also build your business. Time plays a prominent role in a business, especially if you want your eCommerce venture to have the potential to grow. To save time for business development, it is recommended to automate as many processes as possible. Of course, without sacrificing the quality of the products and customer service. And by using a dropshipping platform, you will have the manufacturing, packing, storing, and delivering processes handled for you.  

Create an Effective Marketing Strategy 

After you have already established your brand's identity, have decided what type of men's clothing you are going to sell, and who will be your main buyer, it is time to reach your target audience and let them know about your brand. One of the best platforms to advertise any type of clothing is social media. Social media has a large amount of visual content, which generates a lot of engagement; therefore, it is perfect for advertising clothing. Make sure you share content that is interesting for your target audience. Don't just rely on posting advertisements about the sales that are happening now. Make your business page on social media useful; this way, you will create an additional reason for people to follow you. For example, you can share tips to look stylish with pictures on your feed. Show your audience how to wear the clothing that you are selling and how to combine them with other fashion pieces from your online store. Also, from time to time, you can share some tips about clothing care, like how to eliminate a stain that has been caused by spilling wine.

Decide on the Business Model 

Selling men’s fashion by using a dropshipping platform has many advantages because it is low cost and low risk at the same time. If you chose to buy clothing like t-shirts in large quantities and only then try to sell what you have in the warehouse, you would have to invest quite a sum of money into your business. It is also very difficult to foresee which models of t-shirts, which sizes and colours will be the most popular, especially if you are still in the early stages of development and lack the necessary data. Though if you use dropshipping platforms to sell your goods, you will pay for the purchased item only when your customers pay for it, which means no upfront payments and no risk at this point. Therefore, if a t-shirt costs $10, you can easily sell it for $20 and get a $10 profit from each one sold. Surely, if you choose to sell more luxurious items, it will cost more, but as a result, you’ll gain a larger profit from each sale.


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