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Modern day loungewear is all about versatility and comfortability. Think pullover shirts, joggers, and quality tees as your partners in crime. Essentially loungewear was made for indoors, but it’s become a lot smarter nowadays, allowing you to wear it in more places than one.

It’s now common to see loungewear pieces in the street, at the grocery store and at the airport. There are so many ways to transition your loungewear. Expect to wear these pieces while running errands, hanging out with your friends and to pretty much any informal occasion, with style and ease.

David Gandy Wellwear
David Gandy Wellwear

With that being said, I won’t be the one to tell you to throw away your worn-out work shirt or those hole-y sweatpants you wore religiously in college. If you can’t bear the thought of throwing them out, keep it for “at-home” purposes where you wouldn’t need to look as presentable as you would outdoors. 

Sweatshirts & Joggers 

This is the picture-perfect outfit for running around town, traveling to the airport, or visiting friends and family. You could easily wear a sweatshirt and joggers combo with a sleek pair of neutral trainers and team it with your favourite light-weight bomber jacket to complete the look. Try styling an original combo of the two, matching different brands etc. However, the outfit may look a bit off if the fabrics aren’t the exact same shade or material.

Private White V.C.
Private White V.C.


ALWAYS nail the fit of your t-shirt. Otherwise, it’ll throw off your look and you won’t appear as stylish and put together as desired. Start things off with a nice short or long sleeve tee. Avoid reaching for anything faded, ripped, or pilled when you need to go outdoors. Instead, opt for a fresh premium cut t-shirt with a nice hang and heft to it. 


Some men love their shorts and some love their joggers. It simply boils down to personal preference. Just do yourself a favour and steer clear of any ultra-long shorts. If they go past your knees, they’ll end up looking odd, making you appear imbalanced. I suggest going for a soft and comfortable cotton short which sits on or above the knee. Typically, a couple inches above the knee would be the sweet spot.



Robes are great to throw on right out the shower or if you plan to just relax indoors for the day. They’re one of those timeless pieces that you probably wouldn’t view as a must-have right off the bat but are a really nice compliment to your at-home experience. 

Slip-On Footwear 

A great pair of warm and soft slip-ons are the best thing since sliced bread. If you want to always look and feel your best from head-to-toe, never rule out the power of a warm and comfortable slipper or house shoe.



Different socks have their roles; you’ve got the no show invisible socks for any low-cut footwear and your mid-calf length socks for your more formal shoes. I usually recommend my clients to keep a nice little stash of socks separate for lounging at home. 

Loungewear is all about easy-going pieces with smart detailing. You want to avoid venturing off into flashy territory with loud prints and overly bright colours -- simple, smart, and refined is the way to go here. 

Also, keep things fitting appropriately. Your clothing will really make an impact when they complement your build, even when you're lounging. Make sure everything is nicely tailored to your body, no baggy bottoms, or extra roomy t-shirts. A well-dressed man will ensure he always looks his best no matter if he’s at the DIY store or relaxing at home watching football with friends.

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