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Forever 21 debuts their summer 2015 collection, a line of women’s and men’s apparel and accessories that is comprised of on-trend essential and statement pieces that will fashionably see you through all of your summer adventures. The men’s collection features... read more

John Wick is a stylish action thriller starring Keanu 'Woah' Reeves. It's pretty generic in terms of plot, all the women are written out or killed off within the first 5 minutes (just how we like our action flicks right guys?), but what puts this revenge-movie apart from... read more

Nowadays it’s pretty common to see children looking just as good or sometimes better dressed than their parents. If you’re a Dad in search for something for yourself and your son so you both look slick, here are some polished looks by celebrity fathers to... read more

The Great British Weather can be a wonderfully mercurial thing. Just ask Donald Trump when he visited Scotland in a bid to buy up some land for his luxury Scottish golf resort. His delicate wispy-combover was under constant attack from the merciless... read more

On a recent trip to New York we truly put Uniqlo’s Heat Tech, Base Layers and Ultra-Light Down garments to the test. The weather in New York was extreme, it reached -17 whilst we were there and in the name of fashion we headed to our hotel’s windy rooftop to... read more

With the New Year upon us, there's already a great new range of styles available in men's fashion. And one place where you'll get to check out the latest trends will be at the nation's racing events. Traditionally, this has been a very high-brow affair where all... read more

Do you ever get the fear when dressing for black tie? You're really wanting to mix it up and go against the rules. Maybe a tartan suit, red bow-tie or a patterned shirt. But you suddenly think that this very bad and against the rules of black tie. You start... read more

For the forthcoming festive party season we team up with retailer NEXT to showcase some of their new season Christmas Collection tailoring. To match the heritage and glamour of the occasion we headed to the Royal Crescent in Bath. This iconic street features... read more

We took this photograph when in Florence on a cold January day. For us, Autumn/Winter is our favourite season for men’s fashion and this is a prime example of why we like it so much. Firstly, it’s the time of year when a man can wear a full suit without... read more

From his first film in 1996 (Bottle Rocket) Wes Anderson has been creating some of the most aesthetically recognisable films of the last couple of decades. Right up to his most recent production Grand Budapest Hotel (2014), his ‘look’ has only grown stronger... read more

Unlike the majority of guys we’re fans of winter here at MWS, it is a time when you can wear coats, knitwear and Tweed suits without feeling too hot and faint. For this winter inspired photoshoot in leafy Hampstead we pick out three stylish Uniqlo garments which are perfect for... read more

As we celebrate Breaking Bad's, Aaron Pauls birthday this week, we thought it would be relatively entertaining (but not overly) to see how his wardrobe fairs against other iconic drug dealers that have featured in TV shows or Motion Film. We present to you... read more