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Being a bit of a ‘wanderluster’ myself, when I was offered to go and listen to Levison Wood talk about his book and adventure, I couldn't say no. A few weeks previously I had been glued to television by the extraordinary four part series featured on Channel 4... read more

Cycling Climbs by RIBA silver medal commended Nigel Peake, featuring words by lead creative at London-based bespoke bicycle manufacturer Condor Cycles, Claire Beaumont, is a set of twenty beautifully illustrated prints depicting the most remarkable climbs... read more

Cycling Stars by Claire Beaumont, illustrated by Rupert Smissen allows fans of the sport to pit their favourite cycling heroes up against each other. Ever wondered who the toughest rider of all time is? Who is the fastest cycling sprinter the world has ever seen?... read more

For me, one of the biggest unanswered questions in the universe would be, ‘When will Sir Paul McCartney stop dyeing his hair?’ A close second would be, ‘How do artists draw horses racing at full pelt, or jumping over fences? And why do they keep the secrets... read more

Young Bond eh? I bet even a Young Bond would be a complete woodsman in the sack. Unlike you and I when we were teenagers, just happy to be having sex, not knowing what all the proverbial buttons do. Young Bond never had a crappy metro as his first car... read more

Don't you just love the name Horace? I have an Uncle Horace. Unfortunately there was a family feud which means he's slightly estranged now. When I asked my Dad what started the bitter rivalry he said, 'I left a flake in the fridge one day, so I cycled 3 miles... read more

For the uninitiated, Nick Drake was the quintessential singer-songwriter of the 70s. Most people have tried to pigeonhole his sound in the genre of folk, but for others, Nick Drake's esoteric style transcends time and genres. His music was barely recognised... read more

A long time ago, when I had hope in my eyes, I was talking to a topless model at a trendy bar in Shoreditch. Just as we were debating the pros and cons of quantitate easing, her phone buzzed and she addressed it with complete immediacy, like it was a... read more

If like me your favourite two things in the world are Star Wars and Shakespeare (Roger Moore Bond films coming in a close third) then this William Sheakspeare's Star Wars trilogy from Quirk Books makes an ideal present when shopping for yourself this christmas... read more

This is truly a great book for £18.95 and is for anyone interested in copywriting, journalism, brand marketing or simply blogging. It’s packed full of great imagery examples and case studies as well as self testing tasks. READ ME, released in September 2014... read more

This book on the history of John Lewis by Jonathan Glancey traces the 150-year history of one of the giants of British retailing. Mr Glancey was Architecture and Design correspondent of The Guardian from 1997 to 2012 and Architecture and Design Editor of... read more

The highly popular blogging project from London-based photographer Jonathan Daniel Pryce is being published as a new book featuring 200 portraits of gentlemen from London, Berlin, Paris, New York and beyond. From young tattooed hipsters to suited city gents, the streets of London are awash with beards, either big and bushy or... read more