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Spring is about new beginnings and happy endings. It’s time we analyse our dressing habits, the impact on our personality and question current style preferences. Let’s debate future fashion trends and new standards of dressing up. Some may wonder what our creative legacy will be and whether the actual start of the third millennium be referenced... read more

It’s impossible to say whether the monocle is really going to make a return, I mean a full blown return, but if you read Allen Salkin’s article in The New York Times, then it looks as if the monocle will start to become ever more in vogue. Salkin wrote “The one-lensed eyepiece, an item favoured... read more

As the majority of guys slowly become more fashion conscious, men’s Jewellery has become more in demand. With this being said, not everyone has jumped onto the male jewellery bandwagon. It must be that fear of not being able to pull of those studded earrings or that leather bracelet correctly. After all, jewellery... read more

The Oscars entrance carpet may have been Red, but this didn't stop some of our favourite leading film men from wearing white. The Oscars took place last recently in LA and I must say this was one of the best awards shows this season. Host Ellen Degenneres kept the laughs coming all night long combined... read more

As another season rolls in, so too does a multitude of new labels and styles for the street and skate scene. The new comes in and the old gets thrown out. With all the new skate shoes, skateboards, decks, and hats, clear lines are drawn between “what’s in” and “what’s out.” But the thing that... read more

Camouflage was a strong print trend last year but it is also expected to keep up its momentum this year and designers have revolutionised its use into items and materials which have previously been out-of-bounds. Here is a guide on how to incorporate the print into your casual ensembles. People associate camouflage with green, black, brown... read more

Spring is here soon, which means summer isn't far behind. I know, I know, it doesn't feel like it and it doesn't look like it outside, but trust me, warmer days are not far ahead and in preparation I am going to discuss one of the key S/S14 trends for both males and females; Sports... read more

Faux fur - not something you immediately associate with being on the backs of the male species. For years now, women have realised the merit of faux fur in the winter time to keep them warm and to add that little bit of texture and interest to a drab winter outfit. However, now it is... read more

The spring and summer season of 2014 (SS14) is drawing closer upon us and retailers are stocked with the latest collections, which this year feature some quirky patterned prints that are set to be the stand out designs. Here are 5 distinctive styles that will give you a head start in knowing what you should... read more

We are almost midway through winter, and in New York, we’ve gotten so used to rain, snow, and blasts of polar temperatures that we almost forgot what a normal winter feels like. The natural reaction to all of this is a trend that has become almost a norm: Rubber boots are now the most common... read more

Men’s SS14 trends this year are all about the accessories, with footwear being a huge statement. For all you men that are interested in fashion, footwear does matter; in fact every inch of your outfit can create an everlasting first impression, so for the spring/summer let’s make it a good one!... read more

We live in a generation where fashion is ever-changing, people now buy fashion in a much disposable way, which is quickly used and frequently abused. However 2013, was a very stormless year in terms of new designs coming into the industry. We were re-introduced to the old school biker jackets, skinny jeans and studded tees.... read more


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