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Meshable watches was created by Mina Baldauf and Nemanja (Nemo) Vucicevic. Two product and fashion design lovers with a communication design and marketing background. Mina studied international business economics and worked in various digital... read more

This watch brand launched late last year with Instrmnt 01, a minimalist steel watch that takes inspiration from the industrial design of the mid-20th century. The studio has a keen interest in functional, utilitarian products and tools produced during that... read more

Live with style and follow the Italian fashion tradition. This is the main focus of Acquafredda, a lifestyle brand born in 1998 from an idea by Franco Pierucci. Working for several years as a designer for hunting and fishing technical apparel labels, Pierucci decided he... read more

Wood’d is a unique design-led lifestyle brand focused on wooden accessories. The company launched in 2012 thanks to the creativity and productive skills of brothers, Andrea and Stefano Aschieri - the idea came from the desire to create something together... read more

The world looks a much brighter place on Instagram. You can add a filter to make a slightly blurry selfie look like a cover shoot from Vogue and a dodgy youth hostel appear like a 5 star hotel, #everyonelovesafilter. Scottish sunglasses company, Tens... read more

A pioneering gift subscription service that sends its subscribers a carefully curated surprise present in the post each month. They collaborate with both up-and-coming and established artists, designers and brands to create bespoke and interesting products... read more

Best friends and partners, design duo, Lucy Ross and Jamie Bartlett have tailored their British made spectacle designs towards an exciting and more personal purchase process. Their system lets you choose from seven frame designs from six different materials such... read more

The snap of the latex glove pinging against the doorman's wrist, followed by the howls of surprised anguish, (or delight) will be all you can hear echoing around event arenas in the not-so-distant future. Security at festivals is so tight these days it won't be long until... read more

Founded in 2011, Harry Stedman is a contemporary Menswear brand based in London, England. Harry was part of the British Army and produces timeless pieces for the modern man which are influenced and inspired by places he has visited and experienced... read more

During the last edition of Pitti Uomo, the Lardini Group displayed their autumn/winter 2015-16 collections of its four clothing lines: Lardini, RVR Lardini, Gabriele Pasini and Wooster + Lardini. After speaking with them and chatting with Nick Wooster... read more

I love a brand with heritage and Woodhouse Clothing is a brand and business we should all know. In 2014, and to mark the 40th anniversary of the Woodhouse Clothing brand, they developed a concept to create an essential menswear collection. The... read more

The world of luxury watches contains many varied personalities, but few manufacturers have an aesthetic that is quite as distinct as Breitling. We've teamed up with independent luxury jewellers of Lancaster Banks Lyon to put the spotlight on this prestigious... read more