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The Iconic British footwear brand, Dr Martens continue with their successful ‘STAND FOR SOMETHING’ campaign. The official campaign for 2014 features a set of images from photographer James Pearson Howes, featuring 19 different young, inspiring, creative and stylish individuals. The label is known for its rebellious and non-conformist spirit, which is reflected well in the... read more

Recently I attended, the #NikeFree Experience at Victoria House, the venue often used for British Fashion Council events, which has a prestigious yet fashionable feel to it. I headed downstairs to the basement, which was reminiscent of a warehouse, a lot of open space and numerous white walls, Nike had kitted out each section with... read more

Spring is about new beginnings and happy endings. It’s time we analyse our dressing habits, the impact on our personality and question current style preferences. Let’s debate future fashion trends and new standards of dressing up. Some may wonder what our creative legacy will be and whether the actual start of the third millennium be referenced... read more

On a rather Baltic, windy and rainy day in March, the Sartorial 7 headed to the infamous Brighton beach, once a battlefield for “mods” and “rockers” in 1964, but today a hub for the young and creative. This trip was for the Sartorial 7’s latest collaboration feature with the high street giant River Island. With... read more

This time of year we dress in layers through the unpredictable weather in the hope that the sun will shine all day, so with the evenings now getting longer and the promise of weather warming up, it is time to think about smart summer style. Traditionally linen has been used in men’s clothing for the more... read more

Starting up business can be extremely hard and competitive in today’s world, as so many people are doing it, especially if you’re looking to start a clothing line. In previous weeks, MWS has started to notice new fashion labels which have really taken the game to the next level. One in particular goes by... read more

A few months back we debated whether or not coffee was cool, quickly coming to the conclusion that it very much is, more than ever before. It has been reported that the average coffee drinker spends £450 per year on the habit and the avid coffee drinker can spend up to £2000 per year. Since... read more

Swade is the brain child of ‘Supreme Fashions Clothing’, a textile manufacturing company from the North West of England established in 1978. After 22 years of manufacturing clothing in the UK, they launched Swade as their first in-house brand, distributing their own designs to respectable independent retailers across the UK. Supreme Fashions now runs as... read more

They say the Devil wears Prada and that could be true, but for men in the know he is most likely sporting items stolen from Nick Wooster’s wardrobe, just maybe not these floral trousers he was recently spotted wearing though. For my first MWS article I thought it’d be fun to do a bit of a... read more

I have always been infatuated with sunglasses. Having grown up (and continue to be) chubby, a pair of sunglasses added a bit of edge to my otherwise characterless face. Of course, with age came a magnificent beard, but back in the day when I was in College, my staples were Killer Loop sunglasses. They were... read more

It’s surprising how one small change to your buying habits can make a huge difference to your bank balance in the long term. For those well-groomed chaps, you know exactly how much your wallet can take a hit when buying new razor blades, especially at supermarket prices - £16 for a 6pack, it’s no wonder... read more

Adidas and Hip Hop go together like ham and cheese, butter on toast and me in heels.The relationship which was first cultivated when inner-city youth of South Bronx and Harlem began hosting block parties where rapping, dj'ing, break dancing and graffiti art took place. These kids later wore brand clothing as the culture took a... read more


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