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Summer 2015 for Next menswear sees a continuation of the strong stories present in the spring season but evolving into light-weight summer cloths and colours. Tailoring has a 60’s retro influence; short suits in a fondant colour palette are... read more

If your best friend appeared unannounced and asked you to catch a flight abroad, would you go? If KLM’s campaign has taught us anything, it’s that you should trust your instincts. The airline joined forces with Heineken to share one of Holland’s best kept secrets in... read more

When it comes to dressing smart and creating that overall ‘dapper’ look you really need to focus on the finer details and finishing touches. With something as simple as a pocket square you can dress up a tailored suit or blazer with jeans for the smarter side of casual... read more

Introducing the new spiced rum shot from Bacardi UK called 'Fuego' (meaning Fire in Spanish). I've actually hung up my shot-downing shoes since winning a Jagerbomb competition a few years back. I won't go into details of the aftermath but it did result in... read more

In honour of the upcoming Mayweather v Paqiao fight, let's have a look at a few of sport's biggest battles. We've been waiting for this fight for years and it certainly looks set to not disappoint. But there are many other well known sporting rivals that get fans banded in... read more

John Wick is a stylish action thriller starring Keanu 'Woah' Reeves. It's pretty generic in terms of plot, all the women are written out or killed off within the first 5 minutes (just how we like our action flicks right guys?), but what puts this revenge-movie apart from... read more

We've all read the Great Gatsby, or at least pretend that we have in order to sound sexy in a group of literary scholars. But rarely do we get the opportunity to transport ourselves back to that enchanting era when ladies hair would be awash of feather boas... read more

If you’ve ever been to a formal event, you know all about the dress code. Black tie, black suit, white shirt, good luck getting anything else in without being turned away at the door! Events like these can be stifling; the strict requirements leave many men and women... read more

Inspired by the 1920s and 1930s when hairstyles were simple, understated, classy and fashionable. They suited more formalwear occasions - think Great Gatsby style. The ‘Undercut’ or ‘Slicked back’ is probably the most sophisticated of this era where men would... read more

For ultimate style you need to think about what pleases your taste and what works with your body shape. As a personal stylist I hear a lot of women talking about the ways in which they can make their figure look better by their choice of clothing. The same applies... read more

With the release of The Avengers: Age of Altron released this week in London, it was time to reveal the face behind Iron Man Robert Downey Jr. When Robert was looking for a London barber to get him prepared for the role as Tony Stark for the latest comic based... read more

We all know when exercising the main focus is what you’re doing and how you’re doing it, not what you’re wearing. However, some types of clothing can be restricting, aiding sweat and friction or cause chafing and so forth. So we’re giving you a run-down of... read more