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Relaunching it’s brand new website Chapman Bags, with a new brand identity and logo. The launch brings an exciting innovative feature with the ability to design and order a classic Chapman bag in a wide range of materials and colours; bespoke to your tastes and specifics.... read more

With the launch of the new 'Apple Watch' and with smart watches and digital dials cropping up all over the place, I wonder whether soon we will all be rocking exactly the same wrist wear. Like any watch-fanatic, I was excited to hear of the launch of these new wave... read more

Everyone gets that feeling of despair or becomes fearful when an interview has to be conducted. Whether it’s for an exciting new job or that big promotion you’ve been waiting for. But that’s not the only thing most of us have in common when it comes to an interview. One of... read more

Unlike the majority of guys we’re fans of winter here at MWS, it is a time when you can wear coats, knitwear and Tweed suits without feeling too hot and faint. For this winter inspired photoshoot in leafy Hampstead we pick out three stylish Uniqlo garments which are perfect for... read more

For many people Friday is the best day of the working week. Some companies like ours will allow staff to have a beer whilst working the final few hours of the working week. If you’re located in London or Brighton you should definitely know about the DeskBeers... read more

Atelier Eyewear announces that it is launching a new online guide to help hard-to-fit eyewear purchasers find perfect fitting optical and sunglasses that match their individual styles and personalities. The Atelier i-Style Guide employs an online questionnaire... read more

Relaunching with a new concept, the men’s accessories brand Oppermann cuts out the expensive middlemen to offer luxurious leather goods at a fraction of the traditional retail price. When brothers Mattis and Niklas Oppermann launched their brand... read more

It seems like the trend of large facial hair reached its peak during the summer and is now officially descending the curve of coolness. In the last year or so, we have witnessed hipsters from all over the world diligently growing facial hair. Long and well-groomed beards were a staple... read more

Manchester United fans have been on an emotional rollercoaster since the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson in 2013. The "Chosen One", David Moyes, proved to be out of his depth, and United finished seventh in the table at the end of last season. Moyes had been sacked in April, his... read more

Blauer, American sportswear leader brand since 1935 and supplier of clothing and uniforms for the American police, army and college campuses, takes advantage of its experience and know-how for the 2014 Fall/Winter collection. Starting with iconic clothing from... read more

The Savile Row tailor has reinterpreted the traditional 11th century knights uniform by Affligem’s founders into a modern-day Savile Row suit which blends the modern fashion trends, technology and of-the-moment materials to form tailoring fit for the... read more

Men’s hair trends don’t tend to make a sweeping change season to season like clothing trends do, it’s a slower transition and it’s not always easy to differentiate between the turnover. Here we give the low-down on the forthcoming season’s hair trends and how to... read more