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You know when Paul Alger, Director of International Affairs at UK Fashion and Textiles, advises to you register your innovative design immediately, you're on to something good. Rosemary Goodenough caused a minor sensation at London... read more

A particular watch brand which has caught our eye this month is Paulin Watches. Built in Glasgow whilst carrying a unisex appeal, they’re another watchmaker to join the team minimal camp. When we first saw one of their watches we could see similarities... read more

They say you can learn a lot about a man by observing his shoes. Relying on such sartorial cues have become more problematic due to the recent explosion of creativity within the men's accessory sector. Flouro trims, clashing prints, trainers with suits, and... read more

Menswear brand Casely-Hayford is one of the most exciting success stories to come out of London in the past five years. Formed in 2009 of father-son duo Joe Casely-Hayford OBE and Charlie Casely-Hayford, the brand seems to epitomise the energy and direction... read more

Mauli is an independent company with a passion for creating all natural products for individuals who respect the power of nature and appreciate genuine quality. Inspired by the grooming rituals and timeless wisdom of Ayurveda, Mauli Rituals combines India’s... read more

Trainers are not just for the gym. Sneakers, if that's what you call them are a intrinsic part of all our wardrobes. Spalwart, a Swedish shoe brand still have a firm grip on the past. The Eastern Europe factory, who once created beautifully made shoes, uses the same machinery that... read more

People may deem it histrionic to enshrine ones toe nails in a pickles jar, rather than allowing them to escape unceremoniously down the plug hole. And they'd be right. In fact someone once remarked that the contents of my pickle jars that adorned the shelf's in my student bedsit... read more

The new brand Real Stars Are Rare is a menswear label from Paul Weller. The collection has been designed by Paul Weller in a collaboration with Phil Bickley, owner of Tonic, a menswear store on Portabello Road. I ducked out of work early and drove like the back of my car... read more

We recently attended the wedding of two of our university friends and the Best Man, Joey Boyes came out with a cracker of a speech. Not only did he pull off a spot on speech, but he also ended it with a funny song. The video has already made global... read more

You wouldn't think twice about getting a bespoke suit or tailor made sports jacket, so why should your shoes be any different? To answer this very question, I caught up with Nikunj Marvania, the founder of New York based bespoke shoe brand, Awl & Sundry... read more

Dreamlike and solid. Built with a strength sense of inspiration and balance. Every collection by the Italian Fashion designer Andrea Cammarosano has the mark of deep intellectual research and the shapes of a masterly knowledge in tailoring. Together with his role... read more

Ever wondered how to match a shirt and tie? Ever wondered what the difference is between made to measure and bespoke? Or maybe you’d like to know what the common suit fitting mistakes are, or simply how to spot a cheap suit. We speak to the marketing leader at Scabal... read more