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It’s surprising how one small change to your buying habits can make a huge difference to your bank balance in the long term. For those well-groomed chaps, you know exactly how much your wallet can take a hit when buying new razor blades, especially at supermarket prices - £16 for a 6pack, it’s no wonder... read more

Shaping one’s eyebrows has become common practice among both men and women, whether the former admit it or not. Physically, eyebrows have the role of protecting the eye against moisture, such as sweat or rain, but they can also have a big say in the overall aesthetic balance of your facial traits ... read more

More products than ever are now being marketed to men, even though grooming still remains a very private affair that some men avoid openly talking about. A very large proportion of the men who buy products to maintain their skin or hair would rather do so from home rather than be seen shopping for skincare... read more

Pogonophobia is a surprise entry into the list of numerous phobias. But what is Pognophobia exactly? This refers to the fear of beards. This phobia is supposed to be a source of stress for many people. The reasons vary but all of them have a psychological source in relation to the person concerned. It has... read more

November has now been renamed the mens health awareness month of “Movember” in which many men axe the razors in favour of a moustache comb. Whether you are unfortunately unable to grow a satisfactory tash, or feel facial hair is not your thing there are other ways to get involved...... read more

Movember, the month formerly known as November, is when men around the world grow a moustache for 30 days, with the support of the women in their lives, to raise awareness and funds for men’s health - specifically prostate cancer, testicular cancer and men’s mental health.... read more

Mr Natty has teamed up with River Island to offer us gents some top tips on maintaining a healthy and immaculate face rug! River Island will also be bringing the grooming legend Mr Natty to their 473 Oxford Street store on the 16th November from 12pm until 5pm, offering a day of free treatments and... read more

Rino Riccio is an Italian-born hairstylist, based in Fulham, London. He is the mastermind behind the hairstyles of many football champions, such as Marek Hamsik's perfectly groomed mohawk, which started a new trend in Italy. Rino also participated at many Fashion Weeks, where he put his mark on the collections of Lou Dalton, J.W Anderson,... read more

Grooming and styling your hair can (literally) be a pain in the neck, especially if you're a novice in the business. With so many ideas and products available out there, it is difficult to make decisions when it comes to cutting, shaping and styling. That's why we asked Joshua Gibson, one of London's leading... read more

Joshua Gibson has acquired a reputation as one of London's leading hair stylists, working on stages across the world from Toronto to Tokyo. His work has appeared in British GQ, GQ Style, Ponystep, Sleek and i-D magazines and his comments on hair and fashion trends were featured in the pages of the Sunday Times and... read more

The skin care market for guys has vastly expanded over the past few years. Guys are learning what to use and what not to use on their skin, and are also learning what types of skin they have. Some of us range from dry to oily to combination skin and with a market of tons... read more

Male grooming is on the rise. Long gone are the days of men with bed-head, wonky beards and nose hair searching for the sun - say hello to the metorosexual man instead; he’s got soft moisturised skin and perfectly coiffured hair, sparkling whitened teeth and designer stubble. He’s the envy of other men, and he’s... read more


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