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Archive - 2015/03

Swedish home furnishing retailer IKEA has become the first in the UK to launch a revolutionary range of furniture with built in wireless charging spots, helping people stay constantly connected and making charging your smartphone at home more convenient. The range, part of a long-term commitment called Home Smart, marks... read more

When discussing your favourite male style icons, who springs to mind? the well-known classics like James Dean and Steve McQueen, or do you think of the ever so admired David Beckham? Whoever you think of, it’s guaranteed they all follow the same stylist route; clean-cut, well-groomed, and suited ‘n’ booted... read more

Imagine a room where all the guys look like extras from the film Quadrophenia and all the girls resemble a young Cilla Black. It felt like I was back in Manchester's notorious Hacienda club during the height of 60's northern soul, talking about whether its cool to like both Sting... read more

It’s a slow news day when a new resort on an island such as Lanzarote makes it to the headlines - they just tend to blend in, don’t they? But we were taken by the Hotel Barceló on Teguise Beach, with its stark white cubist architecture poking from the Costa... read more

Chiseled good looks and a catchy sign-off will only take you so far. To be an iconic TV Presenter it helps to have a garish wardrobe and not have your name linked to Operation Yewtree. Here are the top 5 quintessential classic TV dandies that we have had the fortune... read more

The devil lies in the details or so the old saying goes, in other words the small things are what we should focus on the most because if you don't pay attention and do your due diligence then things might go apocalyptic-ally wrong, or if you have done your homework... read more

Last month saw the announcement of a multi-year partnership between male grooming experts Nivea Men and Liverpool Football Club. The partnership was revealed during a press conference at Anfield, the home of Liverpool Football Club, attended by a plethora... read more

I am probably going to get lynched for saying this and I apologise in advance... but I’m afraid David Beckham was not the first one to start the unisex white trainer/Stan Smith trend, despite the attention he received for being seen wearing them recently... read more

Can’t tell your Pinot from your elbow? The Grape Club is on a mission to demystify the world of wine and get the UK drinking better wines at more affordable prices. The Grape Club is an innovative online wine subscription service. They remove the hassle and... read more

Bored with your layers and layers of clothes? While the weather doesn’t agree that it’s time to shed your sweaters and scarves just yet, there’s no harm in planning ahead and considering what you’ll wear when the clouds finally part. With that in mind, here’s the... read more

There is nothing to match the sense of freedom and exhilaration that spending a weekend in the wilderness brings. It's a wonderful opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the great outdoors, develop skills and self-reliance, commune with nature and getaway... read more

The longstanding popular tailoring colour blue is still very relevant this season, It’s one of the easiest colours for men to wear in all its varying tones. And a staple of any man’s wardrobe should be the navy blue suit. It’s super flexible in terms of teaming with other colours... read more