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Archive - 2014/10

Born out of Paul’s long-standing love of cycling, the collection balances his unparalleled attention to detail with a provenance as one of the world’s most innovative fashion designers. Named after the iconic Reynolds bike tubing historically ridden by many Tour de... read more

“And now the moment you've all been waiting for” said Dennis Malcolm, the Master Distiller of Glen Grant as he prized open the copper-lined Scottish oak box, revealing the Glen Grant 50 year old single malt that he put into a special cask back in October 1963. The audience inhaled... read more

You may think of Britain as a nation of tea drinkers, but in fact we’re all about the coffee! Since the 17th century, coffee houses were the places where gentlemen of commerce gathered to barter and exchange ideas. They avoided the rowdy taverns, recognising the... read more

How many black fashion and accessories do you own? It’s the colour Steve Jobs wore every day for work, the colour that will make you melt on a hot day, the colour which is seen as the better half of the monochrome trend, the go-to colour to match with just... read more

Aftershave is one those grooming products that men will not hesitate to buy. More than making anyone smell clean and fresh, fragrances are part of men’s repertoire in attracting the opposite sex. If you’re nodding your head in agreement, here is a list of time-tested... read more

To celebrate the inaugural collection of Atelier Scotch, the label has worked with British style collective The Sartorial 7, who filmed another one of their popular unique style videos in Amsterdam. The Amsterdam-based fashion brand brings us a new take on modern... read more

CitizenM's Bankside hotel brings cool to the capital with its first property in London, the Dutch hotel group launches one of the most revolutionary spaces for sleep, work and play. If you are looking for a break from the norm, something to excite you about staying... read more

From the moment King George VI first opened its doors in 1927, The May Fair Hotel quickly established itself as a sophisticated, luxury icon at the heart of London’s most stylish district. Nowadays, this 5 star treatment comes with an added dose of mischievous flair... read more

Bremont are not afraid to go the extra mile when it comes to their watch inventions, prime examples being their Codebreaker and HMS Victory pieces. It has become a tradition for the brand since 2010 and quite rightly, being one of the only luxury watch brands to put so... read more

Simple effective grooming, you can't put a price on it gents. Whether you've bagged yourself a date with the office hottie, you're wanting to look good for a job interview, or you're simply demanding more from your skin's daily performance, allow us to light your pathway towards... read more

Trainers are not just for the gym. Sneakers, if that's what you call them are a intrinsic part of all our wardrobes. Spalwart, a Swedish shoe brand still have a firm grip on the past. The Eastern Europe factory, who once created beautifully made shoes, uses the same machinery that... read more

Winter shoes can be difficult to choose. Go for warmth and comfort, and they could end up being way to big and bulky. Then, a more streamlined, stylish choice can leave you freezing on that blustery winter day. Unlike summer sandals, winter shoes are usually... read more