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Just in time for high summer we’ve teamed up with NEXT to style two tailored outfits from their Spring/Summer 2015 collection. Our Editor-in-chief, Craig Landale, styled two outfits with ‘summer in the office’ and ‘summer weddings’ themes. We headed to the... read more

Sweden is often associated with great contemporary, minimalistic design. Swedish watch brand Bravur fits well with that image, recently launching their second watch model, BW002. From the start, Bravur has created personal watches with a strong... read more

You know it’s true when they say “It takes years to build a good reputation and seconds to destroy it”. You can begin building that reputation with a first impression. If you get off on the wrong foot it’s often hard to get back on track afterwards. Studies also show... read more

New York City has officially and proudly brought back its Fashion Week: Men’s. Organized by The Council of Fashion Designers of America, and with sponsors such as Amazon Fashion, East Dane, MyHabit and Shinola, from July 13-16 the city had runways for... read more

There are some men who like to splash out on a new suit or a pair of shoes every now and again, however some of you may neglect the fact your hair is just as important. Whether you have a go-to hairstyle or you want to try something different, you... read more

A British based brand with a determination to produce fashion watches that stand apart from the current market, Newgate have created a collection that is stylishly robust and markedly different, with just a little bit of British eccentricity rolled into the mix. Newgate... read more

With the recent horrendous London tube strikes, I would be willing to take any sort of alternative transport to get around the city, including hopping on a longboard! Penny Australia have just launched their first 36” longboard into the UK market and with their... read more

You've cleaned your nails, flossed and manicured your man-garden to its most presentable state in months. What other boxes need ticking in preparation for a first date? Oh yeah, the condoms. In my experience every wallet has some kind of condom-ejector... read more

In recent years we have seen an increase in hats of different styles that were once popular. With the rise of musicians, actors and other celebrities influencing headwear, we take a look at which styles we should be wearing. We’ve now moved on from the regular... read more

Whether you’re planning a yoga session to improve your flexibility or an intense stint on the treadmill to burn some calories, it’s vital that you get the right clothing for your workout – to make sure your clothing is comfortable, practical and something you feel good... read more

Swimwear is an important and essential part of a summer wardrobe and shouldn't be left to the last minute. These versatile pieces can be a real saviour when transitioning between different holiday activities and can double up as casual shorts, saving time and... read more

You may be looking to impress a date, your wife, or keep the mistress sweet. Why not keep the lady on her toes and whisk her away somewhere different. After all, the secret to sustaining a good relationship is to keep each other guessing, to surprise each other constantly... read more